These Kids’ Headphones Tell Disney Tales

There are those who say that everything is invented, but we totally doubt that saying when we see products like StoryPhonesa gadget for the most curious and creative children. Now that the little ones are hooked on the screens, this product promises move them away from visual stimuli a little and recover an element that cannot be missing in the childhood of any child: the tales.

Headphones to recover listening comprehension

disney audio storyphones

Between YouTube Kids videos, cartoons on Netflix and even Fortnite, many children are only developing their abilities through visual stimuli. Without entering into debates about whether current education is better or worse than that of a few years ago, the truth is that attention and active listening today are conspicuous by their absence.

ONANOFan Icelandic brand dedicated to the world of audio has not stopped thinking about the matter until it has found a very interesting solution, the StoryPhones. At first glance, some wireless headphones like any other, but in reality, it is a product designed to tell tales. Each story comes on a small tag that sticks to one of the headphones, so the child will be able to recognize the story he wants to hear, even if he doesn’t know how to read yet. With the other earmuff he can control the pace of history, either rewind, pause, or replay the story. Serial. The product comes with a disc of the same color as the headset where we can listen to a series of relaxing sounds, for when we are bored with the stories. Something similar to an ASMR.

Everything you need to know about ONANOFF StoryPhones

disney storyphones

Unlike other children’s products, StoryPhones look solid and very well finished. The Icelanders have thought of many details, such as a audio control system designed so that it cannot damage the hearing of the little ones. autonomy is about 20 hours and it works with Bluetooth 5.2 and BLE technology, although it can also be used via a jack cable. Of coursecan be used as normal headphones and streams, not just to listen to stories.

Another feature to note isto mobile applicationwhich will work as a store of stories to increase the collection of stories that we have in the headphones, at the same time that it allows parents to make a Parental control. What remains unclear is whether parents or children will be able to record their own stories using the headset’s built-in microphone and play them back later.

Price and availability

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StoryPhones already has all the Necessary Disney licenses to market their product, but the prices of the product and the application for iOS and Android have not yet been made public. The product has undergone several phases of development, and the team has been present at various technology fairs, where they have even been awarded on occasion.

Even so, the brand has already started a campaign on its Instagram accountso we assume that, now, the product is very close to being marketed.

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