They confirm the goodbye to the notch of the iPhone 14 Pro

In recent years, both the months of January and February have been the definitive ones to know the design of the following iPhone. And yes, despite the fact that it still took a few months to hit the market. This is mainly due to the fact that it is the time when Apple closes its design idea and sends it to the factories to create the first prototypes.

Of the iPhone 14, scheduled for another year in September, there have also been several leaks this year. And it is that we have been knowing several renders in which it was emphasized that, at least the ‘Pro’ versions, they would eliminate the notch in favor of a totally different format. A style in which they would coexist two holes in screenone with a circular shape for the camera and another in a pill format for the TrueDepth sensors that make Face ID possible.

Contradictions with the size of the new notches

The last hour in relation to the new front design of the next iPhone has had a curious chronology and it is that at the end of last week an alleged scheme of the next iPhone appeared on Weibo, a Chinese social network, in which the new format. You can see it in the following image:

Jon Prosser, one of the analysts who has leaked the most from Apple in recent years, came out confirming that this design was real. Or at least that was what other sources had confirmed to him. However, this does not square with what Ross Young showed last month. This is another analyst who, at least for now, maintains a 100% accuracy in his predictions and had previously shared a scheme in which a different version could be seen, with the hole to the left of the pill and with a predictably larger size. reduced.

alleged scheme iphone 14 pro ross young

What seems clear in any case is that, regardless of the exact layout and size, this design is gaining more and more strength and it seems to be almost a fact that the next iPhone will look like this. Obviously we can’t give it as official information until they show up, but when the river sounds…

A strange movement that would rule out Touch ID

Another assessment that we get from this new design is that Apple’s design strategy has been strange with respect to the notch. Since 2017 the size of this element had not changed, being the same since the iPhone X and with a slight reduction in all iPhone 13s. In fact, this element was moved to the MacBook Pro 2021. And all for what? To end up eliminating it in this 2022.

And yes, this new form factor could also be a differentiating element for Apple, through which an iPhone could be recognized just by seeing those two holes on the screen. However, it is no less strange for this that instead of having taken this definitive step they have opted for the intermediary of reducing it.

Another reading that can be drawn from this is that we will not see Touch ID under screen. This can be concluded by seeing that the company does not give up Face ID and that its integration on the screen is far away. Since 2017, a possible integration of the on-screen fingerprint reader has been rumored and, although it cannot be ruled out, other movements such as being able to unlock an iPhone 12 or 13 with a mask seem to be enough to rule out the return of that other biometric sensor.

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