They investigate a gynecologist who offered sex as a treatment to his patients with HPV

Authorities in Italy they investigate a 68-year-old gynecologist offering unprotected sex as a treatment for human papillomavirus (HPV) to your patients.

The gynecologist Giovanni Miniello worked in a private clinic in the city of Bari, Italy, where he received his patients and proposed the treatment arguing that he was immunized, says the EFE agency.

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The doctor pointed out in a statement, released by the Ansa agency and cited by EFE, that it was a “alternative treatment that has given results ”and assured that he never used force with any of his patients.

It was one of the patients who gave her testimony and the case was announced in local media, after which dozens of alleged victims of the gynecologist indicated that they had received the same treatment proposal.

Giovanni Miniello presented his discharge from the College of Physicians in light of what happened and the Italian Prosecutor’s Office took up the case to investigate the alleged treatment he was offering to his patients.


The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that HPV “is the most common viral infection of the reproductive system and is the cause of various disorders, both in men and women, including certain lesions precancerous that can progress to cancer and genital warts ”.

In the case of women, persistent infection by certain types of HPV specific, which can lead to precancerous lesions that, if not treated correctly, can end in a cervical cancer.

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The WHO explains that there are more than 100 types of HPV and each one is identified by a number, some can cause warts that may disappear spontaneously or may require treatment.


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