They're here: Yamaha RX-V4A and RX-V6A 3D cinema amps

Yamaha launched two new models of home theater amplifier, the RX -V4A and RX-V6A . Both represent the latest from Yamaha with state-of-the-art connectivity (up to HDMI 2.1 and 8K video and up to HDR10 +) and 3D surround sound with 5.1 channels on the RX-V4A (520 euros) and 7.1 channels on the RX-V6A (720 euros). They are already in the distribution network of our country and therefore within the reach of the fans who were waiting for them.

Latest video

By equipping both receivers with connections HDMI 2.1 Yamaha takes over the current video. This standard allows reaching resolutions of 8K or working with 4K video at 120 Hz , compatible with the latest generation consoles . The latest features of these HDMI 2.1 will arrive through an update, as is usual in these devices, but it already comes from the factory with the necessary hardware.

Rear panel of the Yamaha RX- V4A

Among those features of the latest HDMI standard it is worth remembering the automatic low latency mode ( ALLM ), which is activated in games to avoid delays and maximum fluidity in the game. Also variable refresh rate ( VRR ), able to avoid broken images or lack of fluidity in fast movements. Or also the fast font change ( QMS ) which allows almost instant format or font changes and improves the experience.

Immersive 3D sound

Both amplifiers are compatible with the latest audio formats from soundtracks or games: Dolby Atmos, DTS: X , including Dolby Vision and HDR10 +. In the case of the Yamaha RX-V6A model, with more physical channels, other channels not present can be simulated virtually, thus achieving an extra “height” effect and an even more immersive sound.

Yamaha RX-V6A and its remote control and calibration microphone

And as always in the Yamaha home theater they have their own sound modes developed exclusively by the brand . In this case, it stands out in its Cinema DSP 3D , sound fields created from the combination of data measured by Yamaha in concert halls and music clubs of all the world. By digitizing them, your teams are able to efficiently reproduce these spaces in their users’ rooms. The sound space calibration is done with the YPAO system that facilitates the initial configuration and the acoustic adjustment of the room where we use them, and the boxes we have installed or connected.

Amplifiers connected

Both Yamaha home theater receivers have full connectivity, that is Ethernet and Wifi . Thanks to that they have compatibility with online music services and Yamaha’s own multi-room service, MusicCast , with their different speakers and sources. This application allows you to manage the sound in several rooms, access the sources and transmission devices and control either of these two receivers through your Smartphone or tablet, and carry out remote control functions. The new Yamaha allow you to combine them with the wireless speakers MusicCast 20 and 50 of the brand and even include a wireless subwoofer such as MusicCast Sub 100.

They are Spotify Connect, compatible AirPlay 2 and also integrate seamlessly with Alexa, Siri (Apple) or Google Assistant.

Yamaha RX-V4A or RX-V6A

The main difference between the new Yamaha receivers lies in the number of channels and their power. The Yamaha RX-V4A has 5 internal power stages of 80 watts , while the RX-V6A has 7 channels of up to 100 watts . In addition, the first has four HDMI inputs and the second goes up to seven that figure.

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