Thinking of buying a smart bulb? Know these uses that you can give it

What uses to give a smart bulb

We can say that most light bulbs are similar and you will be able to give them a similar use. You can all of them control from mobile, program them or use it with the aim of saving energy. They are useful in this sense, since they help to lower the electricity bill as well.

Schedule on and off

The first thing you can do with your smart bulbs is schedule them to turn on and off. You may plan a schedule to turn them on, but also to turn them off. In this way, for example, you can make it so that in the central hours of the day, when more sunlight enters through the window, they are not consuming electricity.

You will always be able to turn them off and on remotely too. Through the mobile, you just have to enter the corresponding application and manage the power on or off at any time.

avoid theft

Yes, smart bulbs can also help you prevent theft. Why do we say this? Think of a second residence or your main home if you are going to be away from home for vacation time. If thieves analyze a home and see that the lights have been turned off for days, they are more likely to enter than another where they see movement and lights.

what you can do is turn on the lights from time to time even if you are not at home. You can even create patterns to light up in different rooms, at different times of the day.

adjust brightness

They also allow adjust brightness. Maybe you don’t care that they are always on to the maximum. It is not the same at night as it is during the day, nor when you are eating or when you are going to read a book. The luminosity that you are going to need can be different and controlling it is also interesting to save energy.

Therefore, smart bulbs will allow you to adjust the brightness depending on what situations you find yourself. This way you can always take advantage of the available resources and make everything work as well as possible.

Change the color

Another use that you can give your smart bulbs is to be able to change the light color. Although not all of them have this ability, you will find many that do. Perhaps you want them to light up in a different color at some point and you will be able to easily control that from your mobile.

It may even be that in the same room there are different light bulbs with different colors. The uses that you give to the light bulbs can be multiple, so you will be able to adapt them.

Control them with your voice

Of course, another use is to be able to control them by voice. Not only will you be able to pick up your mobile phone and decide when to turn them off and on, but you will also be able to use voice commands to do so. This is interesting in certain situations in which it will be very useful to have these bulbs.

For example, think about the situation in which you are carrying several boxes in your hands and you need to enter a room. Instead of dropping the boxes and flipping the switch, you can simply use voice commands to turn the bulbs on.

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