This dangerous error exposes thousands of users to losing their Facebook

They use a fake ChatGPT extension to steal Facebook

In recent times you will have read a lot about ChatGPT. This is also taken into account by hackers, as they often launch attacks using products or services that may be very popular. That is why we often see Phishing attacks that use Netflix or Amazon as bait, for example.

Basically what they have done is use a fake extension that pretends to be from ChatGPT. Look for the victim to install it in Chrome and from there take the control of facebook accounts and also install a hidden tailgate. This will allow the attackers to have permissions on that social network account.

In addition, it will also steal browser cookies. A major problem that can put privacy at risk. Therefore, instead of giving the extension quick access to ChatGPT, as promised, what it is going to mean is that the attacker gains control over the victim’s Facebook account.

The goal of all this? Sell ​​the data. In the Dark Web They sell stolen accounts from social networks and many other platforms such as PayPal, Amazon, Netflix… Our personal data is of great value on the Internet, but even more so if it is accompanied by an account that they have managed to steal.

This malicious campaign has been able to affect thousands of Facebook users. An estimated 2,000 people have installed this fake ChatGPT extension since March 3. Therefore, if you were one of the people who installed this plugin, our advice is to remove it immediately and change all your passwords.

How to avoid problems with fake extensions

But, what can we do to avoid having problems in the future with similar cases? Something you should do is check very well what extensions you are going to install in Google Chrome. In fact, our advice is to avoid having too many plugins installed. Limit yourself to only those that you really need.

We also advise you to have All updated. This includes the system, such as Windows or Android, as well as the browser. This will help you avoid problems that could put your security at risk. In many cases there are vulnerabilities that can be exploited without us noticing.

On the other hand, it is good to always have a good anti virus. If you accidentally download a file that is actually malware, it will help you detect and remove it. There are many options, but you should always choose one with guarantees and one that really helps you maintain security.

As you see, once again there is security issues with extensions. In this case it is a fake plugin that pretends to be from ChatGPT. It is important that you always check what you install and thus avoid many security problems that may appear. There are even plugins for Chrome against Phishing.

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