This fascinating PC case is able to “breathe” on its own

Can’t find a PC case that meets your design ambitions? CyberPowerPC has what you need.

On the occasion of CES 2022, CyberPowerPC has just unveiled its Kinetic boxes, a brand new and rather special series, since the panels of its front face can pivot to open when the machine needs to “breathe!”

From processors and graphics cards to keyboards, monitors and so on, PC hardware enthusiasts are blessed with access to new and exciting products every year. It is an ecosystem that evolves very quickly; but yet, there are still some elements where major innovations are quite rare.

It is undoubtedly in this category that PC cases are placed. Although there have been many small, modular, or oddly shaped enclosures emerging, overall the tried and true classic models continue to dominate the market; it is not easy to find boxes that manage to be truly innovative. And when that happens, we often find that practicality or thermal and sound performance are sacrificed on the altar of design.

But on this last point, we must admit that Kinetic boxes are certainly the most original that we have been able to discover for a very long time. They are trimmed with a triangular pattern which gives them quite an interesting texture. The real surprise, on the other hand, is hidden at the level of the front facade; here, this surface pattern gives way to a tangle of small articulated triangular panels.

A case that “breathes” on its own

These can be folded up origami style, and thus open a window on the innards of the machine. Visually, we must admit that the transition has its small effect; rarely has a case seemed so… “organic”. And it’s not just an aesthetic gadget; the movement of these panels is above all functional, since they react directly to the temperature of the system.

Once the temperature thresholds have been calibrated, the panels will open. The amplitude depends directly on the air requirements of the machine; if the CPU / GPU pair is strained, the panels will rotate to let the fans work. If the situation is calm, they will close more to prevent dust from entering. And the aperture is adjusted in real time and constantly. It gives the impression that this case is truly able to breathe.

For the latter, Kinetic boxes will fulfill this role wonderfully. Is this a textbook case in terms of “Over-engineering“, As our neighbors across the Channel say? Certainly. The thermal and sound performances will they be there? Nothing is less sure. Users who favor this aspect will they be better off with a more classic case, but optimized for years? Without a doubt.

But on the other hand, the exceptional cases from Thermaltake, Fractal Design and the like are all overly understated. None of them is able to compete even a little with the originality of this case, and that will probably be enough for it to shine in this segment a bit gloomy.

The availability date and price have not yet been released. But by then, we hope that the warranty will be up to standard, because these small panels do not seem very resistant. And incidentally, we take this opportunity to wish future buyers a lot of fun when it comes to collecting dust… but what a tool!

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