This flight simulator is made… of LEGOs!

The sky is the limit: this is the LEGO flight simulator

Is there anything that can’t be built using LEGO bricks? the channel of BrickScience He has been on YouTube for years carrying out complex projects with these bricks, and proving that nothing is impossible. In one of their most recent projects, the guys from Brick Science have created their own flight simulator using LEGO parts and engines.

It is a simulator at a very basic level, but quite functional. It consists of two parts: the aircraft, placed on a motorized pedestal, and the levers: the control column and the throttle control. Thanks to these simple elements, the plane can be piloted either by accelerating the engine, braking or changing the vehicle’s inclination. The whole set is full of sensors along with programming capable of transmitting the signal from the levers to the engines of the aircraft engines and the base on which it is placed.

scratch lego

Without a doubt, this has been a project that was anything but simple. The motorized base It has cost hours of work youtuber until you find the right design. The same has happened with the controls. However, during the video, the creator only shows the mechanical part of the process. The programming it can only be seen for a couple of seconds, where a screenshot is shown with the program that controls the whole set, designed in Scratch. The youtuber He does not put too much emphasis on this section, but he admits that it has taken him many hours to find the perfect program for the flight simulator. In fact, he had to ask a friend for help via video call at a time when he got stuck in the process.

A result at the height of an official LEGO pack

Finally, Brick Science got it. The result is a basic movement simulator of an aircraft, but very successful considering that only parts available in LEGO sets have been used. And, in addition, with a quite professional finish.

As if that were not enough, our protagonist was not limited to the plane with which he was doing the tests. Once he made sure everything in his invention was working properly, he set up a couple more aircraft on the base that he built off-camera: a combat helicopter which did not lack a single detail and a hunting.

lego fighter simulator

We are sure that more than one would be willing to buy a pre-designed LEGO set with instructions to assemble a flight simulator at home like this one made by Brick Science.

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