This happens to your WiFi if someone connects without you knowing

Keep in mind that there may be intruders by different reasons. A clear example is having the network open or with a bad password. But they could also take advantage of a vulnerability in the router or in a protocol that you use, such as the encryption of the Wi-Fi key.

What happens if they enter the Wi-Fi

We can say that it is not strange to have intruders on the Wi-Fi, although it will practically always happen due to some mistake that you have made. If you have it well protected and everything in order, you should not have problems. But, what happens if you have intruders or you think there have been at some point in your connection?

You lose total control

The first thing is that you are going to lose the total control of your network. That is, there will be at least one other person who will be able to decide when to restart the router, when to eject a device from the network, etc. He will be able to access the configuration of the device, with what that entails. An important problem without a doubt.

This leads us to recommend not only protecting the Wi-Fi network, but also access to the router settings. It is essential that you have a good password to prevent intruders who can take control of the device and even kick you off the network.

speed drops

An obvious sign is that the speed of the Internet may fall. You could notice that what you have contracted does not arrive. You can do a speed test and see that, for no apparent reason, it reaches you much less than it should despite being connected by cable or very close to the router. This happens if there are intruders.

But why is there less speed? The reason is clear: there is a greater use of bandwidth. If that intruder is downloading files, using the cloud or watching YouTube videos in good quality, it will consume connection resources. It’s going to make the speed more limited.

Google fiber speed

There may be cuts

You could also suffer annoying cuts. You may notice that the connection drops from time to time, that the router reboots for no reason, etc. It is one more sign that there may be intruders in your wireless network and you have to take certain measures to prevent this from happening, which is basically to improve security.

The more intruders there are on the network, the worse the connection will be. You are going to have more problems to prevent those cuts that we mentioned from occurring and that can affect the day to day on the Internet so much.


It does not happen so much if only one device is connected, but it is something that can happen if more are connected. Basically, what happens is that your router is saturated by having more connected equipment. Although they are devices that are designed to support many devices, the more you have, the more problems you will have.

Therefore, you could start to notice some saturation. Even if these intruders do not make much use of the connection, simply by being connected to the network they can cause problems that affect the signal.

Therefore, as you can see, these are the main consequences of having intruders on your Wi-Fi. They can hack your wireless network and it is essential to take measures to really protect the connection and prevent people from entering without permission.

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