This incredible Star Wars private collection is already viral on TikTok

The great universe of Star Wars

The merchandising of Star wars it is, as you can imagine (and have even seen), immense. The famous franchise has been conquering half the planet since it released its first film, back in the 70s, thanks to a fantastic story full of great characters and a very particular galactic universe. Over time it has only fed itself with series, specials, spin-offs and a host of additional audiovisual material that has continued to strengthen the loyalty of viewers while hooking new generations.

That is why it is not surprising that there are products of all kinds related to the great saga and everything that surrounds it. Without going any further, here we have echoed many times of offers related to Star Wars and we have even made compilations of special products such as the famous Funkos from Stars Wars.

However, nothing is comparable to the incredible collection that @dadofxander has, a TikTok user who has decided to show his treasures in a video that has quickly gone viral.

The Star Wars Basement

Patrick, better known as @dadofxander in TikTok, He has always shown his great fanaticism for the franchise on his account. Since his account was opened last year (in the middle of the pandemic), uploading a video in which he was walking his dog dressed as a Stormtrooper, this user has always displayed the large collection of things related to Star Wars that he owns.

However, just a week ago he recorded what we could say is the definitive video: a tour of his renovated basement, which he has decorated with patience and care to dedicate exclusively to his great passion for these films.

@dadofxanderThey said to wear a mask outside, right? ## dog ## starwars ## stormtrooper ## covid19 ## coronavirus ## imperialmarch ## socialdistance

♬ Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) [From «Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back»] – Best Movie Music

From the moment you open the door, you will find images of the films, with an original vinyl on the ceiling that refers to the famous intro of all the tapes. Walking down the long corridor until you reach the large main room, you will see a good number of perfectly framed posters, and then give way to an audiovisual entertainment room (it has a large TV, a sofa and even a bar) in which everything is not missing type of figures (like Legos and Funkos), dolls of various sizes and replicas of objects from the series (watch out for the official helmets). We are not going to reveal the final surprise, but you can imagine what it is about if you have to turn off the lights:

@dadofxanderMy Star Wars basement is done! What is your favorite part? Did you wait til the end? ## StarWarsbasement ## starwarsroom ## diy ## starwarstiktok ## lightsaber ♬ Duel of the Fates (Star Wars) – Rob Starr & The Hollywood Singers and Orchestra

The fascination for this video tour is not just our thing: it has liked it so much that it has ended up becoming viral and at the moment it accumulates more than 6.8 million views, almost a million likes and is close to 26 thousand comments.

What did you think of the basement? What did you like the most?

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