This is how home automation helps the doors and windows of your house

Uses of home automation in doors and windows

There are different ways to use home automation in a door or window in the home. You will be able to see some interesting uses that can make your day to day easier and be able to automate processes that you do constantly. In this sense, home automation can be very useful when it comes to opening doors or windows.

open a lock

The first thing is to be able to open a lock. A clear example is the Street door. Instead of using a physical key, as would be the traditional method, we can automatize the door and allow us to enter by entering a code or even with our fingerprint or facial recognition. Some can work through a mobile application.

If you are one of those people who always forgets the key or you just don’t want to take it with you and you go out with just your mobile and your wallet, a smart lock can be very useful in your case. Simply open the app and give the order for a door to open.

Detect open door or window

Another very useful use of home automation applied to doors and windows is to be able to detect when they are open. For example, if you have the heating on in winter, you are not interested in opening a window, since it would get cold and consume more electricity by having to heat that area of ​​the house more. Therefore, detecting when something is open can be interesting.

In this case it is a small device that acts as a sensor. You are going to place it on the door or window and a small magnet on the door or window frame. They will be separated only a few millimeters. If they are separated, it will detect that it is open and will send an alert message to the mobile so that we can take action.

Automated doors

Raise or lower a blind

Of course, you can also domotize your home so that raise or lower blinds automatically. You can do it from your mobile, giving the order at any time, or even create a schedule so that it opens and closes at certain times. This is very useful both in private homes and also in companies.

Think, for example, of a window that receives direct sunlight during certain hours. You may be interested in opening it to keep it warm in summer, while closing it at night or when the sun goes down. You can even set it to only open during business hours and then close again.

garage doors

You can also think of a garage door. Home automation in this sense makes it easier than ever to open a door when we arrive with the car. We do not have to get down and open them, of course, but also simply with the mobile we can give the command by voice so that it opens or closes as we are interested.

In some cases you won’t even have to press a button or do anything. Some models will detect the presence of a specific car, for example by reading the license plate, and it will open automatically.

Motion sensor

This use is more oriented towards security. You can install motion sensors on both doors and windows. If, for example, an intruder crosses the door of our home, we will automatically receive an alert message. That sensor will detect a strange movement and will act in part as an alarm.

They will be linked to our mobile phone, so simply from the application we can receive these alert messages. You can install them anywhere.

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