This is how much you save per year with this small change in your windows

To save on the electricity bill we can take into account multiple tips. Managing the appliances we use well, controlling the temperature of the heating or using LED bulbs are some of them. However, in this article we are going to focus on something specific. We are going to explain how much you can save if insulate the windows correctly of your home. This will allow you to spend less electricity and can pay less on your bills.

Insulating windows helps save

have a good insulation at home It means that we will be able to better maintain the interior temperature. In winter it will not cool down as quickly and in summer the temperature will not rise as much. If, for example, you put the heating to reach 20 or 21 degrees at home, once you remove it, the temperature may drop more quickly or take longer to do so depending on the thermal insulation.

Something key in this matter are the windows. Cold air can enter through there without much difficulty in case they are not well insulated. They may have slots through which the air enters and will cause the temperature to drop drastically, which will mean that you have to put the heating, a stove or a radiator back beforehand and spend more on the bill.

But how much exactly can we save if we insulate the windows well? According to a report by the Technological Research Institute, an average home could save about €83 a year with good window sealing. Logically this is an average and will depend on many factors, such as the type of windows, how big the house is, what we use to heat it, etc.

However, you can get a rough idea. You can save around €83 if you manage to ensure that the windows of your home are well insulated and you can better maintain the temperature. The objective is to spend less time heating and take better advantage of thermal inertia so that it does not cool down quickly.

How to insulate windows

But what can we do to insulate the windows? You will have several options for it. The first is simply to have well-sealed, double-glazed, perfectly fitting windows. Today, modern homes are normally well prepared in this sense to be energy efficient. If your home is older, it is possible that they are not well insulated.

In the latter case, if they are not well insulated, you will have the option of change the crystals or use double window. Logically this is an economic investment that you will have to make. Especially it will be a significant expense if you have many windows at home and they are also large.

But there is another option that is simply to put what is known as weather stripping on windows. They are very cheap and you can put it in any type of window you have. The only thing you have to make sure is the size and that it fits as tight as possible. In some cases you will not achieve optimal results, since it depends on other factors such as the type of glass, but you will see benefits in many other cases.

In short, as you can see, insulating the windows well is key to saving energy at home. You will be able to spend less on your electricity or gas bill by using less heating. You can also always control the devices remotely, although sometimes you will have to use an access point.

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