This is how they use the NFT trend to hack your webcam and PC

Hackers often set their sights on what is most used or has the most users. It is logical, since this way they will have more probability of success. Now it is the turn of the NFT, which have become fashionable lately. They use them as a claim to reach hack a webcam or a computer. We are going to explain how they do it and, most importantly, what to do to be protected at all times.

They use NFTs to attack

A group of computer security researchers has warned of how cybercriminals are using NFTs as bait to sneak malware. Specifically, they are used so that the victim lowers the BitRAT malwarewhich is capable of stealing passwords and controlling the infected computer.

They basically take advantage of the popularity that NFTs have acquired. They are the acronym in English for non-fungible token, a cryptographic token that represents something unique, something concrete, such as a work of art. This is what they use to scam and make the victim fall for it.

appears as a Excel sheet which is supposedly harmless and displays information about NFTs. However, through these types of files they can sneak malware. And that is precisely the goal of hackers, since the BitRAT Trojan that they use to infect the computer is in that file.

But not only can they steal access codes, attack the webcam or control the PC; another thing you can do is mine Monero cryptocurrency in the victim’s system. This can put the proper functioning at risk and also damage the hardware components, since basically what it does is use the resources of that computer.

In short, once again hackers take advantage of something that is fashionable, something that is in high demand, to infect systems and sneak malware. It is essential that we take measures at all times and do not fall for this type of bait.

Tips to avoid being a victim

The most important thing to be protected is the common sense. We have seen that in this case the threat arrives through an Excel file where, supposedly, it shows information about the NFTs. We should never download or open files of this type without really knowing who is behind it and whether or not it is safe.

In addition, it is also essential to have a good antivirus installed. It is the program that will help us detect threats and be able to eliminate them from the system. For example, Windows Defender is widely used on Microsoft systems, but there are a large number of options available, both free and paid.

On the other hand, it is equally important to have updated the system. In this way we can correct vulnerabilities that can put our equipment at risk. We must update Windows with all its patches, but also any program that we use in our day to day, such as the browser. There are many attacks when shopping online or browsing in general.

All of this will protect us against attacks like this BitRAT Trojan and other similar ones that can put our privacy and security on the network at risk. Of course, the combination of all this is essential.

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