No, they are not going to give you the Flipper Zero; beware of this internet scam

A Flipper Zero is a small device used to perform hacking tests. It has different tools to test other devices and systems. It has a small screen and several buttons to control it. Among other things, it has the ability to transmit a signal to many devices that are in the range of action.

Fake gift of a Flipper Zero

It is a web page that impersonates the official identity of Flipper Zero. What they promise is a free device in exchange for filling out a supposed survey. The victim enters her data, follows the steps indicated and, in theory, will receive a device of this type totally free at her home.

The truth is that it is a scam. That page leads to downloading rogue browser extensions and other bogus websites that will put privacy and security at risk. It is nothing more than a bait so that the victim falls into the trap and can steal their data, control the devices, etc.

As often happens in Phishing attacks, this page will look real. They are going to use the original logo, a text that does not make them doubt that they are before an official site and they will look for a way so that the victim does not suspect. Of course, your objective is none other than to make the visitor fill out that form, install the extensions or do click on fake links that lead to other fraudulent pages.

But what are attackers really looking for? Normally what they try to achieve are personal information. They can collect information such as first and last name, email address, telephone number, etc. All of this could be used, later, to create more personalized Phishing attacks and thus achieve a greater probability of success.

Alternatives to Flipper Zero

always mistrust

When you are faced with a situation like this, it is important that you always distrust. In this case, it is a supposed gift from a Flipper Zero. However, you can find many more options. You could stumble upon interesting offers, fake discount codes, and a host of related scams.

If you have doubts about whether or not a website can be legitimate, we recommend that you look closely at the URL. That will help you detect possible irregularities, see if it can be an official offer or it is a hoax. You can also enter the official website directly and see if there is any information there.

However, beyond these precautions, it is equally important to have a good anti virus and always have the latest versions. That will help you detect threats. If you download a fake file by mistake, an antivirus can help you remove it. You can also correct possible vulnerabilities if you have the latest versions.

In short, as you can see in case you run into this scam, you should know that they are not going to give you a Flipper Zero. It is a hoax and all they are looking for is to sneak in a virus or install a fake extension with which they will begin to collect all kinds of personal data. Common sense, in this case, is essential.

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