This is how you should connect the PLCs with Wi-Fi to have the best coverage

In order to have a good Internet connection we can use different types of devices. These types of devices can enhance wireless coverage and allow it to reach other places. It is the case of Wi-Fi PLC devices, which are very useful for taking the signal from one place to another in the house. Now, how should we connect them? We are going to talk about it in this article. We are going to explain how they work, how to connect them and what mistakes should not be made.

Steps to connect PLC devices

PLC devices work through the electrical wiring. In this way they can transport the Internet connection from one place to another. We can connect devices to them both wirelessly and via Ethernet cable. There are models that allow both options, while others only one of the two. However, the way to connect them to each other is the same.

The first thing you should do is connect one of them, the one that will receive the signal, to the router through an Ethernet cable. In addition, you are going to connect that same device to the electric current, to any socket that you have free. In this way, it will be connected to both the router and the electricity.

You are going to connect the second device in another room, where you are going to boost the signal, to some free plug. You don’t need more than that, since they will be connected to each other through electrical wiring, without the need for additional cables, or connect them wirelessly as is the case with Wi-Fi repeaters.

From there, you only have to synchronize them for them to start working. This will depend on the model, but sometimes they have a WPS button to activate them quickly. They will be linked to the router and you can start connecting other devices, either wirelessly or by cable. In this way, your WiFi PLC devices will be able to distribute the signal to other devices.

Price of a good PLC

What to consider when connecting them

As you can see, connecting the WiFi PLCs to each other is very simple. You really do not need more than to place them on the wall. Now, you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t make mistakes, because if you have a problem, the quality of the signal will decrease and you won’t have the same speed or stability when you connect devices.

One mistake to avoid when connecting PLCs is putting them in a power strip. Ideally, you connect them directly to electricity, to a free plug. This will avoid interference and problems that you could have through a power strip.

You should also avoid putting other appliances nearby. For example, you should avoid putting them next to appliances, a computer or any device that may interfere. The objective is that the signal that is lost is minimal and that it reaches the second PLC as best as possible, which is the one that is going to distribute the connection.

Whenever possible, it is interesting that you place the PLCs in the same electrical circuit of the house. The house is going to be divided into several circuits, so it may happen that there is a cut and the power goes out only in some rooms. If you connect them in the same electrical circuit, everything will be better.

In short, as you can see, it is easy to connect the WiFi PLC devices to each other. However, you must take into account the importance of not making mistakes and thus ensure that they work as well as possible. The goal is to achieve good connectivity and be able to take the Internet to other places in the home.

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