This is the ideal temperature for your AC in summer according to Repsol, but you can save more

Adjust the temperature well at home It is very important to save. This happens in summer, when you put the air conditioning. Therefore, we are going to tell you at what temperature it should be set. We are going to echo Repsol’s recommendation. In addition, we will give you some additional tips to save even more and be able to pay less on the electricity bill each month. You will see that simply by making some adjustments, you will be able to achieve significant savings that will come in handy.

Each degree of difference can mean 7-8% more consumption. Although it will depend on circumstances such as the outside temperature or the type of air conditioning you have, the truth is that as long as you set a good temperature, you will be able to save money. Repsol knows this and that is why it has given this recommendation.

suitable air temperature

According to Repsol, the ideal temperature to put the air conditioning in summer it is between 24 and 26 degrees. In addition, in the case of the night you can even increase that temperature up to 27 degrees and not only save, but also avoid health problems due to having a temperature that is too low.

They say it’s important to avoid the temptation to turn the air too low when it’s too hot outside. For example, never come home and set the air to 19 or 20 degrees when you come from outside and the temperature is around 40. That will be a very large thermal contrast, plus it will cause you to consume a lot of electricity.

The ideal, in general terms, is that the difference in temperature between the outside and the inside do not exceed 12 degrees. In this way, the contrast will not be so great and you will avoid problems. If you maintain a pleasant temperature, between 24 and 26 degrees, consumption will be lower.

Regarding the winter monthsrecommend setting it to 20-22 degrees. You really don’t need to put it at a higher temperature and that will increase consumption. Therefore, the closer to 20 degrees it is, the better. At night, you can even turn it down to 15-17 degrees, depending on the conditions.

Tricks to save light with air conditioning

Use the air well

Beyond the temperature, it is important to take other tips into account. One of them is to use the air conditioning correctly in terms of the mode of use. Avoid constantly turning it on and off, since that is a major error. If you turn it off for a few minutes and turn it back on, the appliance will have to work at a higher power to reach the desired temperature.

You should also keep in mind the importance of thermal isolation. It is key that outside air does not enter, since that will make your appliance have to work at a higher power, which will translate into higher consumption. Closing doors and windows is basic, but sometimes you may have to seal them properly.

Another tip is to try turn off the air a while before leave the house or go to sleep. You are going to take advantage of the residual temperature, which is what you are going to have for a while once you turn off the device. Do not turn it off just when you are going to leave the house. If you can do it half an hour before, perfect. Also, you can always use home automation to control it. Of course, it is important to connect it well and you can always know which devices are using the Wi-Fi.

As you can see, you can save energy when using the air conditioner simply by adjusting the temperature well. According to Repsol, the ideal is to set it at 24-26 degrees in summer and 20-22 in winter. In addition, you can follow some tips that we have given to further increase your electricity savings.

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