This is the main sign that something is wrong with your router

Unstable connection, sign that the router is not working well

if you have one unstable connectionFor example, if you see that it cuts constantly, that you suddenly lose speed or have to restart the router a lot, it is a sign that something is wrong. We can say that it is one of the main signs that alert you that something is happening with your router.

What are the reasons? They can be varied. Having an unstable connection alerts us that something is wrong, but there is no single reason. It may be due to outdated router firmware, device overheating, hardware failure in a component, network saturation, Wi-Fi intruders…

When you notice that the network connection is unstable, that it cuts off a lot, you should find out what could be the reason. The first thing is to make sure that it really is a problem with the router and not with the device you use to navigate. To do this, it is best to try connecting from another device and thus check if the errors continue or not.

If you confirm that it is a problem with your router, you should find a way to fix it. Sometimes it can be a minor error, which you can solve without problems. Other times, however, it may be a hardware problem and may mean that the equipment must be replaced in order for it to work perfectly.

What to do if the router is not working

The first thing you should do is check that it is updated the firmware. That could fix certain vulnerabilities that can lead to crashes or even an attacker breaking into the network. You need to know the IP address to enter the router and access the configuration to search for possible new versions.

you should also Check that the security is correct. Check if you have Wi-Fi well protected, since an intruder could cause network failures. Always use a strong password, with good encryption. You must do the same with the router access code itself.

Especially in the summer months, it is common for there to be microcuts through the high temperatures. Although this is something that happened especially before, in the older routers, the current ones could also suffer from this problem. What you should do is place it in a good place, away from heat sources. Do not put it next to the television, for example, nor next to a window where it receives direct sunlight.

On the other hand, in case you think that the problem is simply because you connect by cable, what we recommend is that you change the Ethernet cable and also that you connect to another port of the router. That can rule out that there is a failure only with a specific port or that the cable is damaged.

As you can see, if you notice that the connection is unstable, that it cuts continuously, it is probably due to a failure with the router. It is important that you carefully review everything we have explained and in this way you can solve the problem and start browsing correctly.

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