This is the new Nintendo Switch console, but it is not the “Pro” model

Without warning and catching everyone by surprise. Nintendo has unveiled a new revision of its Nintendo Switch console. Which will be launched officially and in almost all the world on October 8 for a price of € 350. Although we have to give bad news to our Latin American readers to begin with, this model will not be launched in that market.

Nintendo Switch OLED, new model of the hybrid console

The new model of the hybrid console, dubbed Nintendo Switch OLED, does not result in a model with greater power than those already on the market, since it does not have a more powerful SoC and no faster memory than the model that is sold today. However, despite the fact that it is a minor update and not the Pro model, it has a series of interesting changes.

The first of these is the OLED screen on this model, which gives this model its name. Is about a 7-inch panel with a 16: 9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 720P. So there has not been an increase in resolution. However, we cannot forget that OLED screens have a lower consumption than IPS. Since the rest of the hardware is identical to the existing models on the market, this means that the battery life will be longer between charges. Although the screen is a little larger in its diagonal, the body of the console is the same. So it supports the same accessories as current models.

Another internal change is the 64GB eMMC storage memory usage, which is twice as many as the models released so far. So with this model it is less necessary to buy a microSD card to expand the storage capacities of the console.

New Switch, new Dock

Another change that has been included in the OLED Switch has been the inclusion of a new dock. Which, contrary to what many expected, does not include hardware for scaling the images to 4K. What is its novelty? The inclusion of a LAN or Ethernet port that will help its users to be able to download Nintendo Switch games in faster bandwidths or play those that work in the cloud and have a client for the Nintendo console.

The new dock, despite the fact that it will be sold together with the new model of the console, will be fully compatible with current models, but only through Nintendo’s own online store.

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