This is what most affects the security of your computer

What compromises the security of a device

The hackers They usually carry out different strategies to steal information, sneak viruses or compromise security in some way. But generally they are going to need us to make some mistake. They need the victim to click on something, install some program or that computer has some vulnerability. Therefore, if you avoid all this you can significantly improve security.

Install unofficial programs

The first thing that can greatly affect the security of your computer is to install programs from unofficial sources. For example, if you are going to install an application and download it from any website, without knowing if it is really trustworthy or if it could have been created by a cybercriminal to attack.

Therefore, our advice is that whenever you are going to install an application, go to safe sites. You can go to its official website or use secure application stores such as Google Play. In this way you will increase security and reduce the risk of installing maliciously modified software.

Download dangerous files

Another mistake that jeopardizes device security is downloading potentially dangerous files. Hackers can use these types of strategies to succeed in stealing passwords or sneaking any viruses into Windows and other operating systems.

A clear example is when open an email. Maybe it contains some fraudulent file, which has been created just to steal your data. What you should do is always make sure that the source is legitimate, that you know who is behind it and in this way you will be able to avoid computer attacks.

Having the system out of date

This is very important. Many security threats take advantage of flaws in your computer. They can blow up a uncorrected vulnerability and in this way they manage to enter the system, steal passwords or sneak some type of malware. It is certainly one of the reasons why our teams can be compromised.

What you should always do is have the system updated. It doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Linux, Android or any other operating system. You should also always have the programs you use updated, as well as the drivers. This will help you improve performance, but also avoid security issues.

Don’t use antivirus

On the other hand, something else that can affect the security of the device is not using a antivirus. Browsing the Internet unprotected, without security tools, is a problem that can seriously affect your security and privacy. Attackers can take advantage of this to sneak in malicious software.

You should always install a good antivirus. For example Windows Defender is a good solution, but you will find many more available both free and paid. You just have to make sure that it works correctly and is guaranteed.

In short, all this can affect the security of your device. It is important that you take measures to minimize the probability of suffering computer attacks. Keeping your computer protected with antivirus, updated and avoiding installing unofficial programs is essential.

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