This is what most limits your Internet connection

What causes internet problems

There are different factors that are the main reasons why Internet does not work well. The ones we are going to show can be solved at the user level, since they do not depend on the operator. You can, therefore, significantly improve your Internet connection if you follow some tips.

Distance to router

The first main reason why the Internet connection is limited is the distance from the router. Today we can say that most connections are wireless. We connect the mobile, television, tablet or any other device through Wi-Fi. If the distance to the access point is too great or there are obstacles, obviously the quality of the signal will decrease.

To correct this, the main thing you can keep in mind is to use a Wi-Fi repeater, Mesh system or PLC devices. These devices will come in handy for improve coverage and to be able to avoid dead zones, which are the places where the connection is more limited and problems appear. This will help improve upload and download speed.

type of cable you use

Than Type of cable do you use to surf the internet? That is also another key factor that your network connection may be limited by. Depending on what type you use, you can be limited to a maximum of 100 Mbps or be able to reach 1 Gbps and take full advantage of the Internet rate you have contracted.

Also, a bad network cable can be a problem. You could have continuous outages or be limited to Fast Ethernet even though that cable theoretically allows Gigabit connections.

Using Ethernet cable

Network card

Another point to take into account and that could be limiting your connection is the network card. It is a key piece to achieve maximum speed and not be limited to Fast Ethernet, in the case of cable, or have poor coverage, in case you connect through Wi-Fi and it is slow.

Therefore, you must first make sure that you have a good network card, but in addition to that it is successfully updated. It is important that you always have the latest version of the drivers and thus make the most of the performance they can offer and that vulnerabilities do not appear.


Your own system can also be the cause of the Internet connection being limited. Several things can happen and one of the main ones is that you have a obsolete version. That could lead to conflicts with the drivers and not be able to take full advantage of the connection and be limited.

But in addition, the system could be compromised by a malware. This would lead to problems browsing the Internet, getting a good download speed, or even being able to use some installed programs.

General use of the network

You also have to take into account the use you give to the network. Are other devices connected at the same time? That could limit the connection. If you don’t have a lot of bandwidth and you want to watch a video on Netflix, for example, but you’re downloading files from the cloud to another computer, you may run into problems.

To improve your Internet connection in this case, the ideal is that you focus the resources on one device. If, for example, you are going to need to use the cloud, avoid downloading files at the same time on other devices.

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