This is what you should do with your laptop’s webcam to protect yourself, according to the NSA

Covering the webcam, something essential for the NSA

From the NSA have released a series of security recommendations for home users. One of them, something that anyone can do in a simple way, is to cover the webcam. It is something that many people already do. Surely you have seen someone or even yourself already apply it. The most common is cover the webcam with a sticker or similar.

NSA cybersecurity experts say that cybercriminals can have as objective to spy on us through this small device that comes with computers. They can access the system through a Trojan by exploiting a vulnerability, and thus take control of this hardware.

Although it is true that you can disable the camera from the settings or you can even receive notifications in case it is being used, don’t you think that cybercriminals could skip all this? If they can access a device and control the camera, they could easily activate it or hide the LED so it doesn’t flicker with use. Therefore, it is best for security to simply cover it physically.

Now, for our part we launch a reflection and it is that it is very common to hear experts talk about how it is better to cover the webcam. But, what about the mobile camera? They really are pointing at us for a large part of the day, even more than a computer because it is a device that we tend to use more.

General tips to avoid being spied on

we want to give some general tips, beyond this one from the NSA, to avoid being spied on either through the webcam, when browsing or using any program. It is essential to keep privacy safe and not have problems. You will see that some small adjustments can come in handy to avoid complications.

Something fundamental is not make mistakes. For example, avoid opening links that come to you by email or SMS and that could be a trap. It is imperative to log in only from official sources or install software only from legitimate sites. If you make mistakes like this, your privacy may be compromised.

It is also important to install a good security program. This will help you avoid problems in case you mistakenly download a file that is a malware. There are many options, both free and paid, but we recommend that you always look closely at the comments and ratings.

On the other hand, to maintain security and avoid being spied on or having problems, it is essential fix possible vulnerabilities. For this, it is best to have everything updated. Always install the latest versions of the operating system and any application you use in your day to day.

As you can see, protecting security and privacy on the network is very important. You can always know if the webcam has been hacked, but the essential thing is to prevent it from happening. You can follow the advice we have given you and always be protected.

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