This new extension hides data that a VPN cannot

Maintaining privacy when browsing the Internet is an important factor, but it is not always possible. To hide certain data we can use a VPN. However, there is information that is still possible to leak. To avoid this, a new extension called vytal. It is available for Chrome and is capable of hide some data that a VPN could not, so privacy will improve when surfing the net.

Vytal, the extension that hides data when browsing

A VPN is capable of hiding the real IP address when we browse the Internet. This is very useful for, for example, being able to access content that may be geographically restricted. We will be able to connect from anywhere in the world as if we were really in another physical location.

Although this is very useful and will make it more than enough in many cases, the truth is that there are certain APIs that web pages use that some users can find. leaked data that could allow finding the geographical location, at least approximate. This could prevent us from bypassing geo-blocking.

exist javascript functions that serve to consult information directly from a browser and obtain certain data on the geographical location of a visitor. For example, there are methods to know a visitor’s time zone and thus know the local time, regardless of whether they use a VPN.

With this information it would be possible to know the approximate location of the visitor. Maybe not the exact country, but the geographic region that uses that time zone. Also, it could tell if you are using a VPN and still block content so you can’t get to a certain page or use a service.

Vytal aims to prevent this. You are going to avoid those options that exist for leaking location information despite using a VPN. It is, therefore, a very useful complement to maximize privacy and thus avoid geographic blockages when browsing the web. You can download it from the Chrome store.

Fake browsing data

What Vytal does is falsify certain browsing data. For example, it will spoof the time zone we are in. They couldn’t figure out what it is through the information that can be filtered, as we’ve explained. It will also spoof browser user agent, location or geolocation.

It is based on the API chrome.debugger, through which it is able to falsify that data. Through the initial load they will falsify that information and also make it completely undetectable.

The developers of this extension created a web page where anyone can enter and see the information that a website could obtain simply by entering. This can happen even though we are using a VPN. We have tested it through a VPN and it does show certain data that, when using the Vytal extension, is hidden.

The extension allows specify location through a list of places. It will allow us to modify the data so that it matches the IP that we are using, which would be that of the VPN. So the idea of ​​the extension is basically to prevent certain location data from being leaked even if you are using a VPN. There are options like MissionImproxyble to browse more privately, but this new plugin is very useful.

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