This pirate site collects tens of thousands of euros in donations to face the authorities

Z-Library almost closed its doors for good after falling under the yoke of American justice. But it was without counting on the unfailing support of its users, who for several days have not hesitated to send tens of thousands of euros in donations in order to keep the site afloat. And for now, it works.

Z-Library is one of the most popular illegal download sites in the world. For years, it has provided access to an impressive library of several million books, free of charge. With such success, the reputation of the platform did not take long to reach the ears of the American authorities who, last year, ordered the closure of 200 domain names belonging to the site as well as the arrest of two of its administrators.

Suffice to say, the future hasn’t been bright for a while for Z-Library and its users. However, the latter was not completely buried. For several months, the platform survived on the dark web, promising its comeback. And indeed, a few weeks ago, the site was back online, proudly brandishing its logo across the mainstream web. Without being totally out of the woods.

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Z-Library completes one of the most successful donation appeals in history for a pirate site

“We are still under unprecedented pressure”write the administrators in a message to the community. “Z-Library is currently going through the toughest times in its 14-year history. The library may experience some disruptions, and we ask that you be patient. »

To come back from the dead, the platform had to redouble its ingenuity: unique subdomain for each user, after-sales service on Telegram, new features, the site has gradually been transformed to avoid the authorities. However, these changes have a cost which, if they were not revealed by the team behind the site, motivated the latter to solicit its most loyal users.

It is not uncommon for a pirate site to appeal for donations to survive. But, very often, these fall into the water. Z-Library, for its part, achieved the feat of generating several thousand dollars in revenue thanks to the operation. Currently, there are approximately 4,000 donations per day, for an average of $40,000, with some donations exceeding $1,000. The campaign having started on March 15, one can imagine that the operation has since exceeded 500,000 dollars, although it is impossible to be certain.

Source : Torrent Freak

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