This program solves your main problems with Windows 11

Windows 11 is about to celebrate a year since its first announcement, an announcement that caught most of us by surprise. Microsoft’s new operating system arrived with a clear intention: to renew the entire appearance of the system, and offer users a new modern and updated Windows. However, 11 has not had a good launch, nor a good reception. And it is that the new Microsoft system has come with some problems that annoy users and prevent them from working normally. And this is where this new program comes into play: LoveWindowsAgain.

LoveWindowsAgain is a new free program, developed by the creator of other similar tools like ThisIsWin11 and TweakUIX, whose objective is to help us solve all kinds of problems that we can find when working with this Windows 11. In addition, it will also allow us to install some popular programs with a click, and even configure some aspects of the programs that we already have installed on the computer, such as Google Chrome.

When we run this program, the first thing we will find is a window like the one above, which allows us to analyze our system in search of errors. When the installation finishes we can see all the errors that the program has detected and it allows us, with a click, to solve them all.

As we can see, the program detects errors in various sections of the system. For example, we can find bugs related to the browsers we use, problems with applications, desktop settings, the system in general, and even bugs that can cause games to malfunction. In addition, we can also find a list of all the privacy gaps that we can fix so that Windows 11, and the programs, are more private.

If you convince us, by clicking on “Fix” we can solve all of them with one click. If not, we can customize the cleaning of the program indicating what we want to solve and what not.

LoveWindowsAgain - 2

Other LoveWindowsAgain Tools

In addition to solving errors, LoveWindowsAgain also allows us to install known programs, or delete all those applications that we don’t want to have on our system. For example, in the section “Install packages» we can see a good number of common programs, which we will be able to install directly from this program without having to search for, download and run the installers one by one.

LoveWindowsAgain - 3

And also the other way around. The option “Remove Unnecessary Apps» allows us to see a list with all the apps that we have installed on our Windows and allows us to select all the ones that we want to eliminate at once. In this way we can clean our Windows 11 to the maximum and turn it into the system that we really want to use.

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Download on Windows 11

This program has seen the light for the first time only 3 days ago. Therefore, since it is the first build, it is normal for us to notice that “something is missing”. And it is that, although it fulfills its mission, the interface leaves a bit to be desired, and is not very intuitive, especially for users who do not have much experience using the PC.

In addition, the developer indicates that the source code still needs some work and that is why the code has not been published on GitHub, although it will be available to everyone soon.

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