This says Endesa that you should do in your kitchen to save a lot of light

If you want to save on the electricity bill, something essential is to control the devices that consume the most. That is where kitchen appliances undoubtedly come into play, since they can represent a significant part of your spending. In this article we echo some interesting tips that are launched from Endesa for save energy in the kitchen. Small changes you can make in your day to day.

Endesa’s tips for saving in the kitchen

Keep in mind that not all home appliances they consume the same and that may also depend on the configuration you have. Therefore, controlling the ones that consume the most and making some small adjustments can come in handy to lower the cost and save money each month.

Load the dishwasher to the maximum and wash at a lower temperature

The first piece of advice they give is to load the dishwasher to the max. This is common sense, just like you would do for example in the washing machine. It is a mistake to put the dishwasher if you do not have it full, since you would be wasting electricity foolishly. The best thing, therefore, is to wait until it is full and then put it on.

In addition, when using the dishwasher it is important to control the temperature. You will see that there are different modes of use. One of them, which usually comes with most devices, is the Eco mode. That means that it will work at a lower temperature, which is exactly where there is more consumption when using these appliances.

Use induction hobs

Another tip they give is to use induction hobs instead of glass ceramic. Of course, this is something that not all of us can do, since many will already have a ceramic hob and it is a significant investment to have to change it. They assure that they consume much less light and you can notice it on the bill.

Therefore, if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, you can consider the option of installing induction hobs instead of ceramic hobs. That will save energy in the kitchen and you can spend less on your electricity bill each month.

Pots and pans with the right diameter

He pots and pans diameter It can also lead to greater savings or consumption. The idea is to use a suitable container for each fire so that no heat is wasted. If, for example, you use one that is too small, you will not be really taking advantage of the heat that the ceramic hob gives off.

Keep in mind that small details like this, repeated every day of the year, can make you end up saving interesting money. The sum of everything can cause consumption to decrease somewhat appreciably.

Watch out for the fridge

He Fridge It is the appliance that consumes the most, since it is always on. In fact, in some cases it can represent over 30% of the total bill. Therefore, controlling it is essential if you want to spend as little as possible on your electricity bill and save money.

What does Endesa recommend? The same thing that we have said many times: control the temperature. They recommend having the refrigerator between 3 and 7 degrees. Logically, the higher the temperature, the lower the consumption. You really don’t need to have it below those 3 degrees and you will be able to save. You can always use home automation to better control consumption and you do not need the maximum speed of the router.

As you can see, with some adjustments that you can make in the kitchen, you will save on the electricity bill. A few small changes can help you spend less each month and pay less money.

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