This simple device allows you to control all your stoves and radiators

Home automation allows you to automate many tasks and control devices remotely. In addition, it also allows certain devices to be turned on or off based on the criteria you choose. In this article we are going to show a device that you can use to control your stoves or radiators. You don’t need to have super modern and smart gadgets, because this little device can help you without changing anything.

Plug with integrated thermostat

We can have smart air conditioners, radiators or stoves with Wi-Fi or a smart thermostat that regulates the central heating. But that in many cases is going to mean a significant financial outlay and you will not be able to take advantage of your old radiator or stove, for example. But with this device that we show you, you will be able to.

It is a plug that has an integrated thermostat. you can select both cool and heat mode. The idea is to be able to better control the temperature of the house and turn the devices on or off as you wish. It has different settings and modes that you will be able to configure. In addition, on the LCD screen you will be able to see everything very clearly.

How exactly does it work? What you have to do is plug the device you want to control into this device. For example a stove or a radiator. From there, you will be able to control when and how it will turn on.

For example, you will be able program that a stove is turned on every day at one hour and turned off at another. But also, thanks to the fact that it has a built-in thermometer, you can set a mode so that the stove turns on whenever the temperature drops below 18 degrees, for example.

Although it is a small device and has limitations, it is interesting for a room, for example. If you want the stove to come on when it reaches a very low temperature so that it will be fine when you get home, it is a good solution.

Not the same as a smart plug

It may seem like you have similarities with a plug with Wi-Fi and the truth is that in part yes. However, the idea of ​​this smart thermostat is to be able to set a room temperature so that a device turns on or off. With a smart plug you could only schedule when it turns on or off, as well as do it remotely at any time.

This device gives more options. You will be able to decide from what temperature to turn on the stove, for example. The goal is to always maintain a good temperature and not have the device turned on beyond the necessary time. It is also an energy saving measure that can come in handy.

Regarding smart plugs, something that you will always need is to have a good connection and sometimes you will need a Mesh system to achieve it. This will allow you to have a better connection in areas of the house where the signal reaches weaker and you need to connect devices.

Ultimately, if you want automatize the air conditioning of your home and not spend excessively, this device that we have shown is a good idea. A small intelligent thermostat that will allow you to turn stoves and radiators on or off depending on the temperature in that place.

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