This simple website tells you if a page is reliable or not

There are many dangerous websites that we can find on the Internet. Some of them may be designed to steal personal information, passwords, or even sneak in viruses. Identifying when a page is dangerous is essential. In this article we are going to talk about a simple website that will help you know if a page is legit Or you should be careful. It comes in handy for when you have to make a purchase, enter some personal information or download any file.

URLVOID alert of dangerous pages

The main objective of URLVOID is to show you if a website is reputable or not. It basically uses a scale to rate the reliability of that page. If it has previously been present in hacks or could have been used to deliver malware and steal passwords, it will score very negative.

In addition, it takes into account other factors to analyze the danger. All this is what allows us to give a final assessment and based on this we will know if we can trust it or not. It is also used for any topic, such as simply informing us when reading an article. We will be able to know if we are on a page with a good reputation or it could all be a scam.

How does URLVOID work? Its operation is very simple. The first thing you have to do is enter their website. There you will find a search bar where you simply have to put the address of the web page you want to analyze and click Scan Website. There the process will begin to tell you if that site is reliable or not.

you will see that the process takes very little. In a matter of seconds you will have a box with information about that page. You will be able to see if they have detected any anomalies, where the server is hosted, as well as different security search engines that will analyze to detect any problems.

You can do this with any URL you want to analyze. You will be able to quickly check if it is a scam or not. We have tried to analyze a URL that we know is part of a Phishing campaign and it has sent us the warning correctly.

Safe browsing is key

Although this type of page can be very useful to quickly know if a site is trustworthy or not, it is essential to navigate safely and not make mistakes. Do not trust links that you receive by e-mail or social networks without knowing the source. Also, do not download files if you are not sure if they are reliable or not.

Also, it’s a good idea to surf the Internet with a good anti virus installed. This will help you detect problems in the form of malware that you might download by mistake. There are many options available, such as Windows Defender or Avast. Always make sure to install one that works correctly.

Another essential factor is to have All updated. If you browse the Internet with an obsolete, outdated system, that can cause major problems. There could be unpatched vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to drop viruses or steal information. Therefore, always update any program you use and the operating system itself.

In short, as you can see URLVOID is an interesting web page to quickly detect if a website is trustworthy or not. You can use it as a complement to the prevention measures that we have shown to navigate safely. Detecting a fake domain is essential.

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