Security tips so you don’t get hacked this Easter

2FA authentication, key manager and updates

One of the most important factors that can help contribute to improving safety is that Let’s turn on two-factor authentication either 2FA. If we do this, it will change the way we log into our accounts. Now, in addition to having to enter our password, we are going to have to carry out a second step, which may be to enter a code that we can view in an app on our phone. In the event that a cybercriminal obtained our password, they would not be able to log in because that second step is missing.

On the other hand, it would be a good idea use a password manager that helps us to store them and also that when creating them they are robust. Some examples that we could use are Password Manager Lite for Windows and Passwarden. It is also very important use a different password for each account and do not use any password.

We must also deal with the software update. In this aspect we must take care of having the operating system and its applications updated. If we don’t, cybercriminals can exploit security flaws.

Improve mobile device security

In this regard, in order to improve safety, it is review lock screen security. So we must count if it is available with biometric security such as the fingerprint, especially in public transport and crowded places. Keep in mind that some criminal could be watching us. Failing that, a PIN would be better in this order and if not a pattern.

Also, good practice is have the built-in feature enabled to track the device in case of loss or theft. In this regard, both devices with Apple’s iOS operating system and Google’s with Android have this option.

Another good thing can be uninstall apps with lack of support and that we do not use. One of the advantages we have is that we gain storage space and prevent them from collecting data about us. Also, if it is a fraudulent application that we have installed believing that it was safe, it can compromise our security.

A good tip to improve security is do not open links in SMS messages or emails on confirmations of delivery of orders or prizes. The best we can do is check the status of the orders or the information from the website itself or from its official mobile app.

Protect your router and your online purchases

In this section it is appropriate change access passwords which has our default router. As for the Wi-Fi network, we should consider periodically change the Wi-Fi key. In addition, if you allow it, it is convenient activate the guest mode of the Wi-Fi network. In this way, our devices will remain on the network independently of the devices that connect to the guest Wi-Fi network.

Also to improve security in our online purchases we must pay attention to the url. The stores where we buy and the places where we register must start with https Y have the padlock symbol. This guarantees that the connections between our PC or smartphone and the store is secure, however, it does not mean that the website is legitimate, it could perfectly well be a scam but it uses https to provide “security”.

Tips regarding accounts and security

A good practice is have up-to-date recovery information for our accounts. For example, having a second email account and a phone number to be able to retrieve it again if necessary. In addition, it is appropriate review the privacy options of our social media account and other types.

On the other hand, another way to improve security is use a VPN since it will provide us with security and anonymity. Preferably it is paid and it is essential that we use them on public Wi-Fi networks. In addition, we must worry about:

  • Secure our webcam if we have one.
  • Protect our payment accounts such as Paypal.
  • Review accounts that start automatically.
  • Be aware of identity fraud and other scams.
  • Run antivirus and anti malware programs.

Finally, to improve security we must carry out a backup of important files in case we are victims of a ransomware attack or a hardware failure.

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