This video in which they cannot open a Tesla because of the cold has gone viral

— Matt Smith (@MatchasmMatt) February 5, 2022

In the video, which you can see above, you can see how the door handle does not respond to Smith’s attempts and refuses to open. It seems that the car has left him locked out and the video went viral, with a multitude of responses of all kinds.

The reaction was such that it motivated Matt Smith to follow the thread, clarifying that he was finally able to enter through the passenger door. Also, seeing the one that was getting mixed up, he wrote another tweet clarifying that, in reality, it wasn’t that bad either.

Apparently, when that happens, the high-tech solution is scrape off any ice that has built upso that everything works again.

The truth is that the door handles of the Tesla have always been a point of debate and the brand has not stopped perfecting them to avoid mistakes like these. It is already known that we live in a hypertechnological era where something as simple and proven as a traditional handle has to be replaced by a million sensors that are willing to fail.

In fact, the cyber truck of Tesla has already decided, directly, remove the traditional openings and make doors without a classic opener.

It is not the only mistake and Tesla does not have a very good start to 2022

The fact is that it is not the first time that Smith realizes the errors that the Tesla have. Not long ago, he also retweeted and commented on this other video which shows that since you trust the FSD a lot (the system Full Self Driving autonomous driving) and which is still in beta version, also ask me to take you to the hospital.

The truth is that Tesla is a very fashionable brand that, however, has security problems.

In fact, the news recently broke that, when the German TÜV (the German Technical Inspection Authority), presented its 2022 report on electric cars, the Tesla Model S was the penultimate in technical safetyfailing 10.7% of the time.

Only two vehicles scored lower: the Dacia Duster and the Dacia Logan. Let everyone draw their conclusions.

What has not been, for the moment and despite having mentioned it in the tweet, has been a response from Elon Musk, the almighty owner of Tesla. Almost better. Probably, it would have been one of the typical outbursts of him saying something horrible about Smith’s sexual preferences.

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