This will be the LEGO the Office, the official set of the series created by a fan

What is LEGO Ideas

On some occasion we have already told you what all this is about LEGO Ideas. For example, when we talk about sets inspired by popular television series such as Friends or film sagas such as Harry Potter. But suppose you haven’t read anything yet, so let’s do a quick review of all of this.

LEGO Ideas is a program that the popular company has and that allows anyone to propose their own LEGO set. All you have to do is create what you have in your head through the digital tools offered by the company to be able to “play” with all its pieces.

Once the model is made with the help of digital tools showers, it is uploaded to a platform so that any fan can see it and vote if it seems attractive or interesting. From there, if the 10,000 votes are obtained, the first cut passes and a LEGO team made up of people from design, marketing, etc., is in charge of seeing the viability of it.

In case everything is favorable, there is interest, there are no licensing problems, costs, etc … LEGO makes it and it is available for sale so that any interested user can get one.

The Office will have an official LEGO set

The first of the new official sets that LEGO will have and that has been created through the LEGO Ideas program is the recreation that a user made of the office from the television series The Office.

As you well know, this sitcom develops all its action in the same work environment. An office that for all those who have already seen the series at the time or are discovering it is as mythical as the cafeteria or the apartment of Mónica de Friends, the bar of Cheers or the living room of the house of The prince of Bel Air.

As well, LEGO The Office It is the name of the project at the moment and surely the one that will also have the final version. A recreation that any fan of the sitcom will be able to buy and which practically does not lack any detail, from the reception to the meeting room, the boss’s office and even the photocopier, such as shared tables, etc.

If you are a fan of The Office I’m sure you like it, as well as if you are from the series in general and want to continue completing the list of others already on sale officially such as LEGO Central Perk or LEGO Seinfeld.

Jazz Quartet

The second set is, perhaps, less striking than the previous one (since it is not based on any recognizable series or film), but that is not why it can be said that it is no longer attractive. And is that this jazz quartet it has quite a striking aesthetic.

Here there are no LEGO figures pretending to be musicians, but with different pieces are shaped to four quite stylized musicians with their respective instruments: piano, trumpet, viola and drums.

Snow White will have to wait

Finally, another project that passed the first filter and is pending review is that of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Apparently its creator is waiting to mark each and every one of the necessary pieces to move forward.

So for now we will have to wait for the beginning of 2022, which will be when it is known what more LEGO Ideas projects will officially see the light of day.

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