This would be Battlefield 6 according to the leaks of an insider

Social networks have given wings to leaks from insiders. Many of them end up being certified over time. Fans of the Battlefield saga are looking forward to the same thing happening with the last one that has been released .

We refer to the information provided by Tom Henderson , quite popular in the gamer world for having anticipated other data of franchises as successful as Call of Duty.

Versions for the previous generation

The latest data has surprised the community. And it is not for less, since a video game as ambitious as the next Battlefield 6 was not expected to come out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 . But everything seems to indicate that the opposite will happen.

This is indicated by said insider, who unfortunately has confirmed something that was predictable: the scenarios would not be destroyed in such a detailed way, but they would do it with a much lower number of particles . This is not surprising considering that both devices are quite short compared to PS5 and Series X / S.

When it comes to fighting, previous generation gamers they will have to settle for clashes between 64 users. A not inconsiderable figure, without a doubt, although it will be double in the consoles of the current batch. That is, the new entertainment devices from Sony and Microsoft would support a total of 128 players .

Move as many items on screen, including Vehicles, shots and explosions will not be easy if you want to do it fluently. However, the most ambitious generation of game consoles in history should be capable.

Modern theme

Así sería Battlefield 6 según las filtraciones de un insider - 1

Certainly war episodes like World War II are heavily exploited in first-person shooters. Both Electronic Arts and DICE are aware of this, so according to Tom Henderson, this time they would have opted for a more modern-style setting and story .

No further information has emerged in this regard, but this would be a breath of fresh air for the saga considering that something like this has not been seen since the launch of Battlefield 3 .

Battle royale mode?

One of the unknowns could not be revealed truthfully by the insider, since his contacts within DICE are reluctant to transmit such information.

However, Tom himself indicates that, with maps so large and that they admit a high number of players, it is expected that a modality will be implemented that would suppose an injection of many gamers to the franchise.

Release date

Given the leaked data, it is understandable that the community is impatient ient. Although there is still a long way to go. Luckily EA has stated that tasks are progressing at a good pace .

So maybe it will arrive before the due date It initially established as a limit: March 2022. It may even end up seeing the light next Christmas. In this case, the forecasts of Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA who claims to have the game ready for a Christmas release would be fulfilled.

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