Thoughtful Crypto Gambling vs. Casual Crypto Gambling

Crypto gambling establishments, like casino, offer a variety of ways to go about gambling. It includes different ways of handling finances, types of games, gambling strategies and chance-taking. They are flexible solutions, and it’s generally up to you to take your pick of the litter.

With this in mind, there are two general, antipodal methods of crypto gambling. Depending on what you want to stick by, your behavior on the website will change dramatically. It’s not to say, though, that you can only pick one. It’s just that it’s organic to stick to one or the other.

These approaches can be generalized as ‘thoughtful’ and ‘casual’.

Thoughtful Gambling

Thoughtful, hardline, full-time gambling – you can call it whatever you like. It’s a general approach that can be summarized in several modes of behavior:

  1. Treating each spin/hand/roll seriously. You could just take a chance without a second thought, which is exciting enough for some people. For hardline gamblers, each individual round is incredibly crucial.
  2. Maximizing your earnings. Gambling isn’t just about excitement, it’s also about money. While it’s hard to control your finances at online casinos, there are ways to maximize your losses and minimize your earnings.
  3. Skill-based over chance-based. People who choose to gamble full-time and on the regular basis typically prefer skill-based games. It’s not a rule, game preferences are highly personal. But it’s just easier to control your success if you play skill-based games like blackjack, poker or dice.

This is the way to gamble if you want to treat everything seriously in this business. That’s how many people enjoy doing it – strategizing and planning your sessions. To this end, there are even many tools to plan and manage your gambling rounds, as well as choose the best game to play for today. They are often meticulous about selecting the best Bitcoin dice, best Bitcoin poker or best Bitcoin blackjack to gamble at.

Casual Gambling

Casual gambling is all about taking chances. Some might argue that it’s a pure form of playing these games – take chances and trust in fate. For many, it’s much more enjoyable than stressing over losses and earnings. Here’s what casual gambling is about:

  1. Relaxed attitude. Considering that gambling is incredibly hard to control, a lot of people decide to trust in fate than any tool. Gambling casually is also more about sheer thrill rather than joy from earning money.
  2. Light financial approach. While gambling casually, people often deposit some number of coins into the casino and gamble it all away in a varying number of spins. If there is something earned in the end of the day – all the better! But it’s more about the thrills, really.
  3. Chance-based over skill-based. Stuff like slots, roulettes and other games essentially generate a random number each turn. You can’t really use your knowledge, skills or anything else to influence the flow of the game. That makes every win even more enjoyable for some people.

By contrast, the casual players are prone to treating these games as a stress-relieving activity. They do burn money away, but that makes triumphs even more joyful. A full-time participant would care about their winnings more, which creates additional stress. They treat is as a money-making method, which is the main difference.


You don’t have to be purely a casual or purely a hardliner. These examples are just generalized, common examples of how people behave in these casinos. Alter them according to your own wishes, goals and needs. Just know that many of the qualities mentioned above are antipodal.

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