The Sims: A voice actress explains the origin of Simlish

Finally we have an explanation of the origin of the Simlish, but what are we talking about? The Simlish it is the official language we hear from the characters in the video game series The Sims. So far we have heard the most bizarre versions from fans, but now, thanks to the voice actress Krizia Bajos, we know the truth.

Krizia Bajos, voice actress, reveals the origin of Simlish on Tik Tok

The Simlish is an invented language that we find in The Sims 4, composed of onomatopoeias, exclamations and incomprehensible mutterings. Krizia Bajos, Voice actress of the game, in which we hear her voice in various characters, has posted a video about Tik Tok explaining where it comes from and why this strange language was born.


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♬ original sound – Krizia Bajos

The origin of the Simlish derives from an idea of ​​a few years ago, which aims to bring as much public as possible to The Sims regardless of the spoken language. In this way it was possible to democratize the game and ensure that anyone could have access to it easily without limits of understanding. This language, in fact, is widely interpretable as it is so subjective and at the same time inclusive.

The Simlish essentially it eliminates differences of any kind, making all fans the same, regardless of the country of origin and the language spoken.

By now, fans have gotten used to hearing this invented language both in the dialogues of the characters and in their own songs within the video game. We can find several songs within The Sims 4 and other games in the series, but that’s not all. The June 29in fact, it will be possible to attend the virtual concert “Sims Sessions”, an event where various artists will perform and some of the songs will be sung in Simlish.

You can participate directly from The Sims 4 and the event will last from 29 June to 7 July. To the Sims Sessions big pop stars like Bebe Rexha, who will sing her single “Sabotage” completely in Simlish.


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