Tips for the VPN to run smoothly

Basic recommendations so that the VPN does not have problems

Any program that we use in our day to day can have certain complications. We may have had errors when configuring it, security flaws, making it difficult to connect to the Internet … However, in many cases these problems come after mistakes that the users themselves have made. This makes it imperative to keep a few tips in mind for the VPN to work well.

Avoid VPNs that are free

The first advice we should give is to avoid VPNs that are free. It is true that we have a wide range of possibilities at our disposal. We can use programs that are both free and paid. However, in the first case they can give problems.

It should be noted that the problems can be both security and performance. Without a doubt, the first thing is the most important, since our personal data could even be at stake. But we will also have a lower performance than we expect. This will help prevent the VPN from continuously disconnecting.

Have the program always updated

Of course we must also have the always up-to-date software to the latest version. This is essential in order to avoid problems of any kind. There are many occasions when vulnerabilities appear that can be exploited by third parties to put security at risk.

Especially when it comes to vital tools for our connection, it is even more important to always have security in mind. Only in this way will we avoid problems that may affect our day to day, the speed and stability of the connection. We can always verify that the VPN is working properly.

Opt for the best server

VPNs typically have multiple servers. This will allow us to connect to different countries and have a wide range of options to achieve optimal connectivity and that everything works as well as possible.

Therefore, another tip is to avoid connecting to the first server we see. It is interesting to analyze the speed, stability and, whenever possible, choose the one that works best. This will also help us avoid problems when surfing the net.

Verify the configuration

We must also take into account the VPN configuration. It often has different features and functions that we can adapt to our interests. The objective here is to make it work as well as possible and for this it is convenient to check that the configuration is correct.

A misconfiguration could lead to speed loss, security flaws, and general VPN malfunction. We can easily avoid this.

Whenever possible, better by cable

On the other hand, a tip more related to the connection itself, is avoid wireless networks. They will always be more unstable, they will have less speed and it will be more possible for them to cause problems that may affect navigation and the use of different programs.

Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, it would be interesting to connect to a VPN through a wired connection. We can do this if we navigate with a computer, but it will be more complicated if we do it with a mobile device. In the latter case, the ideal would be to achieve the best possible coverage.

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