Tips to avoid conflicts if you use a VPN

Having a VPN on your mobile or computer can be very useful in many situations. However, it does not always work well and we can have problems. Sometimes there are conflicts with other programs that we have on the devices and that prevents us from being able to navigate correctly, there may be cuts, loss of speed, etc. In this article we will give some tips to use a VPN without conflict.

What to do to avoid problems when using a VPN

When we say that there are conflicts when using a VPN, we mean problems that may appear. For example, there may be conflicts with other installed programs and it will cause it to malfunction, crash or even cause the connection to not work. This can happen without realizing it, simply by having made a mistake when installing an application or having some software that causes problems.

Don’t use more than one

A common mistake is to use more than one VPN. Sometimes we do not do it consciously, but by mistake. For example, if we have tried several to see which one works best and we keep one working without us knowing it and install another. That could create conflicts and make it not work well.

Therefore, our advice is to only use a VPN. It is essential to choose very well which one to use and from then on avoid having more than one. For example, it would be a mistake to have a VPN program installed and at the same time use an extension for Chrome or Firefox. That could generate conflicts and cause none to work well, but also create problems when browsing.

Beyond being a performance and bug issue, it could also affect security. You could have trouble staying protected if you’re connected to public Wi-Fi or using a second VPN that’s actually fake and recording personal data from your browsing.

Be careful if you have antivirus or firewall

Another problem that can exist is that there is a conflict between some security program and the VPN. This can happen mainly with a firewall, but also with an antivirus. The former could block the signal and cause the connection to not work through the VPN. In the case of the antivirus, it could detect the program as if it were a security threat even though it really is not.

What to do to avoid problems in this sense? It is important to have security programs, of course, but we must choose very carefully which one to use. We must always make sure that we are using a good antivirus, as well as a proper firewall. We should never install any that we find on the Internet, since it could generate conflicts of this type or even be a security problem.

Use a guaranteed VPN

Of course, you should always use a VPN that is reliable and guaranteed. You will see that there are many options, both free and paid, but it is essential that you install one that works well, has a good rating and is not a problem rather than a solution to be able to surf the net.

Which one to use? Some options like NordVPN or ExpressVPN are good VPNs for browsing the internet. Always observe the evaluation that other users have given, check that you have downloaded it from official sources and that they are always correctly updated.

In short, as you can see there may be conflicts when using a VPN. It is important that you take action and avoid problems. Using one program or another can make a significant difference in performance and security.

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