Tips to insulate your house from the cold to save on heating

We have many formulas to reduce the use of heating and thus save on the gas or electricity bill. One of these “magic” recipes is to install a system of insulating windows at home that prevents heat from escaping. On the market we can find aluminum, PVC, wood windows… but, which of these materials works best as insulation? Below, you have all the details to take into account when renovating your windows and making your home more energy efficient.

Aluminum windows

Although aluminum was surpassed by PVC for many years, the advances and technology developed by experts in this sector have once again positioned aluminum windows as the best option to insulate your home, both from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer. What has improved? Aluminum manufacturers have developed polyamide technology in their windows. This advance reduces the transmission of cold or heat thanks to incorporating thermal insulation inside the window. Likewise, it increases the resistance of the material against the passage of time; something that does not happen with PVC.

However, not all aluminum windows provide the same level of insulation. In this case, it is recommended that our window have a thickness of 24 mm to achieve the efficiency and savings that we are looking for.

Advantages of PVC windows

The star material of recent years given its high capacity to insulate houses from both cold and heat, since it is a material that works as a natural insulator. equip your home with PVC windows can lead you to save about 45% on your electricity or gas bill. Although for that you must make sure that the thickness is 70 mm and has 5 internal air chambers.

Wooden windows, although they still provide great insulation for the cold, are more expensive to maintain and, therefore, not as economically efficient as PVC or aluminum windows. Its value in energy savings is estimated at around 15%.

A good glass is essential

For the energy efficiency of our windows to have a truly optimal result, it is necessary to have adequate glass. Manufacturers recommend installing double or even triple glazing high selectivity. This improvement can mean a total saving, in relation to our old windows, of almost 70%.

A fundamental element when it comes to ensuring that our windows insulate optimally is to seal them with Polyurethane foam. This material is characterized by its low thermal conductivity and its resistance to permeability. Also for maintaining proper sanitation inside the rooms thanks to its high breathability. By using this element to seal your windows you will be reinforcing the insulation.

There are also special insulators to cover the drawers of the blinds. This is a point of entry and exit of air that we often forget, but it is very important when it comes to achieving optimal energy efficiency. For that we can use polyurethane foam or move on to a material specially indicated for the blind box such as panels or thermal plates.

If we take into account the savings that both aluminum and PVC windows offer us, all that remains is to assess the initial investment that we have to make for their installation. Although it may seem expensive, the figures speak for themselves and, in the long run, it will be more profitable for us. Not only at an economic level, but also at a comfort level thanks to reducing the noise level from outside. Therefore, we would have a more pleasant temperature, a quieter space and pocket savings that would be noticeable at the end of the month.

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