ToDoList: The 8 Best Free Task Management Tools

If like me, you have to write down all your tasks so as not to forget them, there is a good chance that you need a powerful task management tool! The good news is that there are several free ToDoList tools out there right now to manage your time.

We suggest you discover 8 free tools that will help you prioritize your tasks for both your personal organization and professional efficiency. Being better organized is a constant challenge, so using the right to-do- list tool will certainly help you achieve this goal.

1. for a professional organization

If you are looking to organize professional tasks or even assign tasks to team members, is undoubtedly the ideal tool! It is a real workspace that allows you at a glance to visualize the tasks in progress, the urgent tasks, and those which have been completed or to highlight the deadlines.

Planning your time and that of your teams is essential for the success of projects: will allow you to be more efficient at work and to delegate easily. Not just limited ToDoList functionality, it has even more. Also, it offers most HR features that an employee scheduling software has to offer, along with a work timeline to keep track of progress, and productivity data from each team member or an employee.

You will understand, it is much more than a simple todolist tool!

2. Todoist, the must of the todolist

It is quite simply the to-do list tool that I use daily for my task management. The free version is already very complete and allows you to create to-do lists quickly. I particularly like the clean design and several great ideas such as recognizing dates directly in tasks, or the ability to add files to tasks for a team project.

3. Taskade, to stay productive

Taskade is an online planning and collaboration application that will allow you to efficiently work on your pro to-do-list! Not only does this software allow you to collaborate on ideas and strategies, but it also allows you to communicate with your team and manage your projects and tasks together.

If you’re looking for the best free todoist competitor, this tool is just the perfect one. Taskade works with teams of all sizes or can be used by one person, as a way to plan and manage all of your projects, as well as share your progress with outside parties (like clients), or it can be used by large organizations with a large number of employees. We can only recommend that you try for free now!

4. Microsoft To do

Previously known as Wunderlist, the solution has since been acquired by Microsoft. The tool has given way to Microsoft To do, the new completely free tool from to do list was designed with the Wunderlist teams and therefore has serious assets to convince you. On the program: an overview of your day, a personalized planner with task suggestions, sharing lists, and tasks with your friends or colleagues.

In addition, you can create lists with color codes or define deadlines and one-off or recurring reminders. Another advantage on the professional aspect, a perfect synchronization of your tasks with Outlook.

5. is one of the most recognized task management applications thanks to a clean and very efficient interface. Thanks to a calendar view to manage your schedule, and labels, you can easily sort all your to-do lists. The possibility of simply adding reminders is also interesting to stay productive and empty your to do list.

6. Google Keep

With the rise of task management and to do list solutions, Google had to offer its in-house tool! This is Google Keep, whose “post-it” interface allows you to organize your personal tasks intuitively. Interesting for all people who prefer this type of presentation.

7. Trello

Trello is best known as a team project management software. But it can also become a task management tool! With the visualization with different sections and its application, you can absolutely use it as a to-do list solution if you feel like it!

Now you are spoiled for choice to manage your tasks and plan your time with a well-organized todolist. Now it’s up to you to accomplish as many tasks as possible to discover how satisfying it is to check off the tasks performed in your todolist!

8. Easynote

Easynote is a free task management software that can also become a project management tool thanks to a file storage capacity of up to 1GB as well as collaborative work. Interesting for all companies looking for a free and easy-to-use project management tool to organize the work and progress of teams.

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