Top 5 Best Tips That Will Help You Climb Out Of Gold

Over 150 million people play the video game League of Legends. Each of these players thinks is good at the game and knows a certain amount about it. Riot has always been aware of how different players’ skills are, which is why they made the Division system.

It’s never easy to climb through the divisions. You depend on a lot of random things you can’t control and a lot of things that are directly related to you.

One of the hardest places to be is in the Gold Division. The skills of the players are very different, and games tend to be very random. You can’t even always tell how a Lane match will end.

This guide will help you pay attention to some important things as you climb out of Gold. It’s not meant to be taken as the word of God, but as advice on how to get better at the game and move up the gold ranks quickly.

Gold is without a doubt one of the hardest divisions to play in. Players usually have different levels of skill, which makes teams and games less even.

Either your team will be insanely good at the game, or it will be the exact opposite. It will probably be a mix of the two. But because these matches are often unfair, things tend to get pretty frustrating and hard to deal with.

Most Gold players aren’t very good at the game. It’s a whole different story for Gold 4 players than for Gold 1 players. When you reach Gold, games will start being a bit different from when you played in Iron, Bronze or Silver, from Gold and above games will start to feel a bit different and much harder.

So, to play well in Gold, you need to start understanding the game a bit more if you want to get out of it.

Then, how hard is it? It is more complicated than Silver, but not as hard as Platinum or Diamond, here are 5 great tips to help you get out of Gold.

Pings are a way to talk with your team maters

To get better at League of Legends, you need to pay attention to pings. They are made in a way that makes communication quick and easy. League has such a good ping system that you don’t even need a chat to do anything. If you pay too much attention to the chat, you might not be able to pay attention to the game.

Using the pings, on the other hand, is easy and quick. It won’t distract you and will tell your allies everything they need to know. The ping system is very good and it works so well and is useful in so many situations. Learning how to use pings to talk is a key part of getting better at the game and moving up the ranks.

People in Gold tend to be mean, so the pings might make them less likely to argue with you. The chat can sometimes make toxic or angry players even more angry, so the right use of pings may get them to stop arguing with themselves in the chat.

You should learn how to use the pings right away because they are great and useful tools.

Follow up call from your team mates

If you want to move up the ranks, you need to be as focused as possible. You will almost certainly lose the match if you can’t keep your mind on it.

It’s important for a team to work well together if people follow up on calls. Without the focus, you won’t be able to follow up on something or call it yourself. There will always be one person who is in charge of the game. Follow their instructions and help as much as you can, or take the initiative and do calls ingame.

If you’re in charge of the game, make sure your teammates understand what you’re saying. This ties in with the last part about mastering pings, which can help you call any shot you need.

Your teamwork and communication skills will improve as you work well with your allies and respond to their calls. This will help you move up the ranks.

Don’t be greedy with your plays

Greed is a big problem in the game League of Legends. Every player sometimes gets way too greedy, which always seems to go wrong. If you are too greedy, you will lose the fight. It’s pretty much a given.

Players with higher ranks are usually able to control their greed and even use it to their advantage. You won’t really know how to do that in Gold. Even in games with a high Elo, greed often leads to mistakes that the other side punished harshly. Rarely does the greedy person triumph.

Try not to be greedy as you climb through Gold. Take advantage of every advantage you can. Don’t throw away your lead to get one more kill or do something less important. As long as you keep control over your opponent, you don’t need to be greedy. You can beat them without putting yourself in a position where you lose your power over them.

So, greed is never a good thing. Don’t be a greedy jerk during the game, like most players do. It will only make you lose your matches and nothing else.

Only play champions that you’re comfortable playing with, don’t risk with new champions

Don’t go too far afield with your champion pool. Focus on what you already know and what feels right. If you play too many Champions, you’ll never find what’s best for climbing because you’ll always be looking.

Find a champion role and class that fits your play style. Sharpen your skills in that area, learn a few champions, and that will help you narrow down your choices. It would help if you got really good at one part of the map instead of trying to be the best at everything. Don’t waste your time trying to play every new game that comes out.

Focus your skills on one role and stay in that role. You should always try to learn and understand how each role and class in the game works. But you can’t do this on the ranked ladder. Normal games and tools for practice are great for this, so you should use them as such. Make sure you never have a blindside when you’re climbing, whether it’s in your concentration, Champion pool, skills, etc.

Checking out some guides from your favorite champions is also a good idea if you want to understand how to build each champion the best way possible and make the most of it.

Purchase boosting options to get you out of Gold 

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Having this kind of situation can be super stressful and you will definitely want to play again or just give up on the game, has boosting options to give you that extra push you want and help you get from Gold to the next rank. So that you can start enjoying the game again and playing with better players who won’t start going afk in the game and make the game more enjoyable to play again.

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