Final Fantasy XVI is late: the game producer updates us on the current situation

Final Fantasy XVI It is certainly one of the most anticipated titles by fans but it will still take some time before the debut of the new chapter of the popular Square Enix fantasy saga.

Naoki Yoshida, producer of the game, announced through the official Twitter account of the action RPG that the development of the game has been delayed for almost six months due to the complications deriving from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The words of Naoki Yoshida on Final Fantasy XVI

The use of smart working to ensure that the creative team could work safely from home slowed down some stages of production, a delay that will not allow significant updates, details or new promotional videos to be revealed before spring 2022.

For the development of Final Fantasy XVI, we have assembled a sizable team of talented creators from around the world.

In an attempt to offset the harmful effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to decentralize this workforce by allowing staff to take on their assignments from home. This has unfortunately hampered communication with the Tokyo office which, in turn, has led to delays (or in some cases cancellations) in the deliveries of resources from our external partners. (

We have lived with this issue for the most part since 2021 and we hope to minimize its impact by the new year, allowing us to focus better on other tasks at hand: increasing the quality of the graphic assets, perfecting the combat mechanics, giving substance to the individual battles, putting the finishing touches on the animated sequences and pursuing a general graphic optimization.

Our primary goal now is to be in contact with the game as much as possible to see it completely finished.

Final Fantasy 16 plot and trailer

The new chapter of the saga takes players to a world where the powerful and deadly creatures known as Eikon reside in the Heralds, men and women capable of tapping into their terrible power. The story revolves around Clive Rosfield, a young sword-art student named Rosaria’s First Shield and charged with protecting his younger brother Joshua, Herald of the Phoenix.

Unforeseen events lead Clive down a dark and dangerous path in search of revenge.

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