Top 5 download managers

Download managers can be a real help for those who usually download files from the internet. In addition to being able to accelerate the transfer speed, these tools can also help when pausing them and even when organizing what is being downloaded.

Thinking about helping those who like to download a lot of files from the internet, made a selection with the 5 best download managers. Check out what they are!

Top 5 download managers


The DownZemAll! is a kind of successor to DownThemAll, a download manager that has been without updates for a while, but has been updated again. Unlike the extension that inspired it, DownZemAll! is actually installed as a program, but it has extensions for Chrome and Firefox, which help when downloading.

  • Function to download all media files from a website
  • Extensions for Chrome and Firefox
  • Versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Access this link to learn more details and download DownZemmAll.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager - download manager

Free Download Manager is a free download manager, which stands out for being available in several languages ​​and for offering several advanced features. In addition, the program still maintains an old version of it for Windows XP for those who prefer, but it works well to this day on newer operating systems.

  • Downloading files with BitTorrent protocol
  • traffic limiter
  • Function to download partial ZIP files
  • Mode to add new downloads remotely
  • Version for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android

Access this link to know more details and download Free Download Manager.


Motrix - download manager

Motrix is ​​a download manager that prides itself on offering a cleaner interface, but it still has interesting features for users.

  • Downloads split up to 64 sessions
  • BitTorrent protocol support and magnet links
  • dark mode

Access this link to know more details and download Free Download Manager.

Persepolis Download Manager

Persepolis Download Manager - download manager

Persepolis is a download manager that stands out for being free and for allowing you to download videos from streaming sites without the need to use external services to do so.

  • Video download from Vimeo, Dailymotion and other sites
  • download scheduling
  • customizable theme

Access this link to learn more details and download Persepolis Download Manager.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager - download manager

Internet Download Manager is the only paid download manager on our list, but it couldn’t be overlooked. The program is well known for the high speeds achieved and even for organizing what is being downloaded.

  • customizable theme
  • Scheduling to download files
  • Video downloads from streaming sites
  • It has a 30-day trial version

Access this link to learn more details and download the Internet Download Manager.

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