Top 5 Tools to Create Perfect Presentations in 2022

When we hear “presentation”, we think of PowerPoint. But its functionality is often unnecessary for daily purposes, and learning to effectively create slides in it is not so easy.

Instead of learning PowerPoint for years, we suggest you save your time and make the process of creating slides as simple as gambling at Cookie Casino Canada with 5 handy online tools. Ready-made templates with designs can help you create concise, modern and stylish presentations without too much effort.

Google Slides

Google Slides is an online presentation program with a clear interface and a set of essential features. You can quickly create a presentation using standard themes and layouts.

The entire history of edits is available for viewing, and if necessary, you can return any of the previous versions.

The app for the computer allows you to use the program without an Internet connection.

You can work on your presentation alone or together with your colleagues. Access is provided via a link, edits are made in real time, and discussion can be held in the chat.

The tool converts PowerPoint files from PPTX format to Google presentations, and vice versa. The finished presentations can also be downloaded in PDF, and individual slides can be downloaded in JPEG, PNG, and SVG formats.


Piktochart is a tool for creating presentations, infographics and posters.

The strength of the tool is infographics. Graphs, tables, and charts are created in just a few clicks. But geographic maps of continents and countries with names and region boundaries are especially good. You can highlight them in color and set a numerical value, such as population or other numbers you need for your presentation.

Besides, you can use animations in the program: the lines on the graph connect, and when you hover your cursor, numbers appear and the diagram sections are enlarged.

The presentation and infographic templates are well laid out, and for best results, it’s best not to make too many changes to the design, at least at the beginning of use.

All of the interface features help you master the tooltips.

In the free version, the presentation is downloaded in JPEG and PNG formats. High-quality images and the PDF format are available only in the paid version. There is also a larger number of templates available.


Canva is an online designer where you can make everything from presentations and resumes to business cards and covers. There are picture templates for many social networks with suitable sizes, for example, a cover for a Facebook page or a banner for LinkedIn.

It takes some time to master all the features of the designer, but once you understand the logic of Canva, you start to appreciate all the options and love every new addition.

The service allows you to create stylish presentations from a huge database of free templates. Graphics and text editors, infographics, frames, icons, and the ability to upload your own images are available to create presentations from scratch.

For collaborative work, there is a team creation feature, which is free for a maximum of 10 people.


Prezi is a tool for creating non-linear presentations. All the information is placed on one sheet, and the presentation is an animation, where there is a gradual transition from one part to another.

The service allows you to create a spectacular and memorable presentation using smooth transitions, audio, and zooming (zooming in, zooming out, and rotating).

There is also an opportunity to work together on a presentation.

Private presentations, downloading videos, and the ability to show the presentation without Internet access are available on a paid plan.


Sway is a platform that combines text, photos, pictures, maps, and videos into a single presentation or website. The result is a kind of animation with smooth transitions. There are no slides as such, the content flows from one part to another without gaps.

A presentation in Sway is a published page with its own address on the domain. Thanks to adaptive layout, pages look good not only on a computer, but also on a smartphone screen. Presentation scrolling can be vertical or horizontal.

The clever interface and drag and drop capabilities make editing easy. “Cards” are blocks with different content: videos, diagrams, images, which can be grouped in several ways. The finished presentation can be inserted into a website using HTML code.

Design templates, beautiful effects and collections of styles protect against design error. The result looks modern and has little in common with conventional animation.

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