Top transcription services to enhance your business

Transcription means turning any files, including notes, lectures, and business meetings into text with almost no effort. Transcription services have become valuable for businesses because they allow documenting different media to reuse them.

How do transcription services work?

First, you need to understand how transcription services work. The transcription process is easy and you don’t need any special skills for it. The process starts when you upload a media(video or audio) or send a URL to it. The client only needs to send a file and then the process differs depending on the type: manual or automated. Then, a professional transcriber starts working on it, or the file is processed by certain software. After the final version of the text is complete, the next stage is proofreading and editing. Some transcription services allow editing files with the help of their customers. Then, they send the user the ready file and store it in the database in case it will be needed in the future.

Top transcription services for your business

We have made a list of reliable transcription services based on our vast expertise. Our list involves both human-based transcription services and services that use automated transcription software.


This service provides manual as well as an automated transcription for different media, including video and audio. Human transcription costs $1.25 per minute and automated transcription costs 25¢ per minute. The highlight of this service is that the quality of automated transcription is very close to human-based services, which are considerably more expensive. The computer-based transcription is 99% accurate. For manual transcription, the service works with professional transcribers who can handle media files of different complexity and length. The speed of their work is considerably faster than in other similar services.

This professional transcription service works with over 50,000 native English speakers. They can complete a transcription within 12 hours when the source media is shorter than 30 minutes long. This service. They also consider the protection of critical user data and offer flexible pricing. The additional services like creating captions or subtitles.


Otter is a service that provides a quick and highly accurate transcription of audio or video files. There are two versions of Otter available: a desktop version and a mobile app. The accuracy of automated transcription offered by this service is much higher than in similar services. Otter uses certain tools for identifying different speakers, making timestamps, etc. It streamlines and speeds up the transcription process even the file is very long.

In addition, Otter provides converting audio and video instantly. They offer multiple options for sharing the completed files and organizing them within an app. Besides, Otter has a 600-minute no-cost trial. Paid plan costs $8.5 per month (for an annual plan). Teams plan is suitable if you are going to Otter for business purposes.


Steno covers over 100 languages and allows transcript editing. Users get one hour of no-cost transcription after they install a mobile app. Then, the users are charged per minute. The prices are higher than average. For example, users pay $2.99 for 50 minutes and $22.99 for 500 minutes.


This app allows uploading files from different devices and formats. Anchor also allows recording audio. Users can edit the transcribed files and create podcasts that are easily shareable on famous platforms or social media.

How to choose the best transcription service

When choosing an online transcription service, you need to specify your needs and priorities. We identified the most important universal criteria to select the best service provider. These criteria fit any industry.

Turnaround Time and Flexibility

You should realize that the turnaround time may vary depending on the type (manual or automated) and format. The transcription process can take from 10 minutes to several weeks. The turnaround time also depends on the length and quality of the uploaded video or audio files. Different services offer various deadlines to fit certain customers’ needs. If you are in a time crunch, it is better to go for automated transcription.


Some people think that automated transcription is not as accurate as human-based. Yet, using innovative technologies like AI allow delivering high-quality transcription. Advanced tools separate the voice of the speakers from the background noise, determine what different speakers say, and even transcribe speeches with various complex accents. One more benefit of automated transcription is that it is considerably faster.

Customer Service

Pay attention to personalized customer service. Pick a company that takes into account all your specifications and suggests the most beneficial possible options. Make sure they can give comprehensive answers to all your questions and concerns. If you are looking for a long-term cooperation partner, ask about possible discounts for further orders.

Reasonable Pricing

Automated transcription services are cheaper than hiring a specialist. Another tendency is to outsource transcription to save even more costs. Mind that the final cost can be different from the advertised one, as there may be extra services like edits, revisions, etc. It especially refers to the human transcription and low-quality source files. Always ensure there is a reason for changing the cost of your order.

Be careful bout the hidden fees

In reality, many unreliable service providers state that they offer reasonable prices, but you need to be careful about any hidden charges. When you choose between different transcription services, you need to be confident that their pricing system is clear and the estimated cost will not change. It is perfect when there is a calculator on the website to calculate the final cost automatically.

One of the main pitfalls is unreasonable charges for urgent orders as many vendors skyrocket their fees in this case. Try to find a middle ground with a provider and if they don’t go towards needs, it is better to choose another provider.

Files Security

Securing your files and content should be a priority for a transcription service. Many files that need transcription contain crucial data, and they need to be kept in a secure place. Ask the company about how they guarantee file security and the confidentiality of your client information.

Tips to receive a high-quality transcription

Be prepared

If you haven’t recorded a video or audio yet, you need to do the most to receive the highest quality of the source file. Use a good microphone to record your video or audio, it is ideal if you use an external microphone instead of a built-in one. Pay attention to the place where you record, eliminate any background noise. If you plan to record outdoors, use special tools or a piece of cloth to cover your microphone from wind, cars, and other sounds. When you have many speakers, you should organize their communication. Avoid your speakers interrupting each other and speaking at the same time.

Make a test recording

We understand that this step may not always be needed, but when you have time to make a test recording, it is excellent. This way, you will understand all the specifics of your equipment and location. You can make adjustments and receive a considerably better quality.

The quality of your recording is essential. The whole transcription process is much faster and easier if you pay much attention to the quality of your video or audio. Besides, you can use automated transcription instead of a human-based one for high-quality files. Manual transcription is considerably more expensive because even the most advanced algorithms can’t catch difficult words and offer highly accurate texts.

To wrap up

Choosing a suitable transcription service provider is a time-consuming task. Users want to be sure that they are receiving high-quality work within the deadlines and without extra costs. The services from this list are definitely worth your attention if you plan to use a transcription service for your needs.

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