Windows 11 gives problems with some printers

If you have updated to Windows 11 and you are having problems with your printer, do not despair, you are not alone, and it is not a problem with that printer, but the new Microsoft operating system which, unfortunately, is causing serious bugs with certain models.

According to Microsoft, who has recognized these problems, one of the most important printing errors that occur occurs in printers that work in Windows 11 over HTTP connections. In this sense, the Redmond company literally said:

“When a client connects to the server to install the printer, a directory mismatch occurs, causing the installer files to be generated incorrectly. As a result, the drivers may not be downloaded. ‘

On the other hand, the Redmond company has confirmed another problem that specifically affects organizations trying to install printers through the “Internet Printing Protocol” (IPP). In this case, the bug affects many client and server versions of Windows. We can find a complete and detailed list by following this link.

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We also have a third problem that is equally important that can make the print servers work only with default settings. This is how Microsoft explains it:

“This problem in Windows 11 is caused by an incorrect creation of the data file that contains the printer properties. Clients who receive this data file will not be able to use the contents of the file and will instead continue with the default print settings. Servers that use default print settings and do not have custom settings are not affected. ‘

Microsoft has confirmed that it is investigating these problems that Windows 11 suffers, and has said that it hopes to release a patch that fixes each and every one of them. Some specific models of printers are also having problems when connected via USB cable, and in these cases something as simple as use them via Wi-Fi It will allow us to work normally while we wait for the corresponding patch to be released.

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