Top Video Production Companies In Melbourne- 2022 Guide

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, situated in Australia, is well-known for many things. It is popular for its beaches, lush green parks, cultural diversity, and many more. But did you know that it also has the world’s best video production companies? In this post, you will find the best Melbourne video production companies that provide excellent services to their clients. Check them out below:

Video Outcomes:

If you are running a business with a restricted budget, a videography company would be the best choice for you. Companies like Video Outcomes help you create multipurpose videos that can be posted on social media accounts and websites. It is a popular company in Melbourne among different brands. Its main services include testimonials, interviews, events, and advertisement videos.

Corporate Video:

Corporate Video is another company on our list of the best Melbourne video production companies. The main services offered by this organisation include creating websites, corporate information, training, and promotional videos. This organisation has been working in Melbourne since 1985. It means that they have great experience in videography. They also have a large client base.

Expansion Media:

Expansion Media is a company that helps emerging brands by creating videos for them. The experts working in the organisation understand the needs of the client very well. They also have the best strategies for online marketing. Till now, expansion media has delivered around 100 videos across Australia, and this achievement is commendable. They know exactly what to shoot and how to attract the target audience.

Spotlight Production:

Do you want to share your story with your target audience through videos? If yes, then spotlight production could be the best option for you. Whether you require a corporate, an event, or a web video, this company has got you covered. It will help you get the desired results for your business. You can tell them about your requirements, and they will try to provide the best services to you.


Pixel3 is a Melbourne-based video production company that provides its services all over Australia. It has a talented and experienced team that helps create training content, promotional, and event videos. They have more than ten years of experience in the field of videography. Their videos are not only engagin, but also educating and inspiring. You can expect high-quality videos with crystal clear sound from this company.

Zebra Vision:

Nowadays, businesses must stay active on social media and regularly post product videos to engage the audience. Zebra vision helps you solve this issue. They have clients from all over Australia. They have experience of almost 15 years in creating social media content and corporate videos. Zebra Vision always delivers its work on time. The best thing is that it offers budget-friendly services.

Studio Orange:

Another video production company that can help you achieve your business goals is Studio Orange. They understand their clients’ requirements and work towards achieving their goals. They specialise in creating corporate, animated, profiles, documentaries, social media content, and training videos.

To Sum Up

Finding Melbourne’s best video production organisation can be complex for you as many options are available. But if you research this correctly, you will find the right one. Check out the list above to find out about the best companies that can help you create content for your business. 

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