Transformers RPG is coming!

Who hasn’t ever wanted to be a truck that transforms into a giant robot? Lower those hands, you will need them to fill out the new card Role playing game of the Transformers, coming next year thanks to Renegade Game Studio.

Let’s go and see the previews of this new RPG, in which we will stage for the first time (at least in the world of roleplay) the eternal challenge between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Transformers: RPG is also coming

The basic manual is already available for pre-order on the publisher’s website. In addition to the rules to play, numerous narrative ideas, pre-filled cards, enemies ready to use and everything else, there will be a mini-campaign for first level characters, suitable for knowing the game system that will be based on theEssence20 System. It is a game system created by Hasbro, which will also be used in RPGs Power Rangers And GI Joe.

Apparently Renegade plans to develop several RPG products dedicated to this Transformers franchise. In addition to the basic manual, there will also be dice sets with their bags, a GM screen and a large campaign with a dedicated manual.

The release is scheduled, for now only in English, in March 2022, in what promises to be a new year to remember for lovers of stories inspired by Hasbro games, with two new films arriving in theaters and also a game from table.

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