Nine-Minutes Kingdom is on Kickstarter

How long does it take to build a kingdom? Second Stefan Mieszczak, the author of Nine-Minutes Kingdom, board game currently being campaigned on Kickstarter, less than ten minutes.

Let’s take a look at this title which promises to be a beautiful strategic challenge that cannot be planned in time of a filler created by Hornet Games.

Nine-Minutes Kingdom: My Kingdom for a Card, on Kickstarter

Nine-Minutes Kingdom is a tile-placing game for 1 to 5 players (but we are close to unlocking a new game mode up to a maximum of 6 thanks to the stretch goals), with a gameplay of just 9 minutes in duration. The rules are simple: in our turn we can place a tile following two rules: it is necessary to form a 3 × 3 grid, and place the tile adjacent to an already present one. Once done, we pass the unused tiles to the next player.

There are 4 types of terrain, which are separated by roads. We score points in various ways, indicated by randomly selected edict cards that ensure gameplay variability. The player who scores the most points is the winner.

Nine-Minutes Kingdom will be in the crowdfunding campaign phase on Kickstarter until next December 18th. The price and delivery date for this board game are quite interesting: with just 14 euros, shipping included, we will see the game delivered to us in March 2022.

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