Trek 12: Pandasaurus Games takes us back to the Himalayas

Pandasaurus Games (Dinosaur Island) announced the upcoming launch of Trek 12, a board game with roll and write mechanics that will take us to the Himalayas (and with the heat a bit of coolness was needed!).

With Trek 12 everything is ready for a new journey in the Himalayas

Trek 12 is a board game for 1 or more players aged 8 and over, designed by Bruno Cathala (Ishtar) and Corentin Lebrat, which can be played in 3 different game modes:

  • Trek mode: a quick and easy climb, ideal for when we have little time and / or for beginners;
  • Shipping mode: 3 consecutive ascents are carried out, collecting new equipment and meeting rope companions who can help us along the way;
  • Solo mode: Perfect when we are forced to play alone, on a plane or train. Put on our nails, we will have to face an experienced automaton.

Trek 12 sends you on a journey through the Himalayas with your friends. Grab your rack and get ready to blaze new routes and scale these cliffs. Map the area carefully, plan your routes and set your trajectories because these nodes will not resolve themselves. Ingenuity and courage are required to conquer the best routes, increase your reputation and, of course, become a legendary climber.

If you want to test it, the game, the first edition of which was edited by the French of Lumberjack, is also available on BoardGameArena at this link.

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