Tricks to Maintain Your Followers Count on Instagram

In order to be relevant on the Instagram platform, gaining free Instagram followers isn’t the only thing you need to think of. The way to maintain followers is also essential.

Before you try using the Instagram followers app, like Ins Followers, here are the best tips and tricks to keep your followers and to get more engagement and video views:

Tricks to Maintain Your Popularity on Instagram

1. Only Use Organic Followers

If you use an active follower increase service, then there is a possibility that your free Instagram followers will know and then unfollow your account. Moreover, for bot followers, there is a possibility that you will be banned because it is considered cheating.

But it’s different if the results of your followers are organic or truly human. That’s why you need to carefully use the Instagram followers hack.

This organic is a real account that really likes and is aware of following your account. As long as you don’t change the content, organic followers will still be in your account.

So try to create content that many people like. If suddenly Instagram followers decrease, it could be that your content is no longer useful and is not liked by old followers. Think about content that’s both refreshing and still relevant to your audiences.

2. Always Choose The Reliable Follower Service

If you want to use the instant method to get free Instagram followers, then you also have to know which seller sells followers’ services with a definite guarantee.

Because if you don’t, when you use it, followers will decrease by itself.

Here are things you should pay attention to when using the services of followers:

  • Make sure followers are not bots or fake computer accounts
  • Choose active followers, which means real humans
  • Use followers who come from your country, not others
  • Ask about the warranty if there is. Like a guarantee, if followers decrease and so on
  • Choose the one that already has good reviews and is considered one of the best platforms in the market.

3. Knows Who Unfollowed You

The next trick you should know before using the Instagram followers app is to find out who has unfollowed your account. This is also useful to detect which follower is actually a bot. It’s pretty useful not only for business but also for your personal account.

You can easily find the app that functions like this, which you can download for free on the play store. Take it easy; this application is not heavy and burdens your smartphone. How to use it is also simple, log in with your Instagram account, and then there will be a notification which has followed and unfollowed your IG account. Taking the best Instagram followers hack should be your top priority.

4. Lock Followers

The next thing you can do to keep the followers number intact is by locking them. But remember, it’s hard to consider it as a solution since it also has its flaws because there is no feature that makes how to maintain Instagram followers.

But with this trick, you can outsmart users not to immediately unfollow your account, especially when you buy services to increase followers on Instagram. The key is to deactivate your account for a while. Thus the followers can’t really unfollow you simply because your account isn’t noticeable anymore.


If you decide to use follower services, we highly recommend choosing the reputable ones that are able to provide you with the original and quality followers, not bots. Bots are definitely useless to optimize your growth on Instagram. So, look for the best reputable services that can give exactly what you need.

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