Tricks to make Netflix go better over Wi-Fi

When we watch a series or movie on the Internet, sometimes there are cuts and it doesn’t work properly. This especially happens when we are connected wirelessly, since the coverage is not always good and complications can arise. For this reason, in this article we are going to give some essential advice so that Netflix works fine over Wi-Fi and there are no cuts.

Tips so that Netflix does not cut

If you find that you are having trouble viewing a movie or series on Netflix, you can follow these tips. Just by making a few changes you will be able to notice an important improvement that avoids those annoying cuts that appear on many occasions. We can take the same into account for other similar services.

Lower the video quality

The first option we have is to go to the configuration and lower the quality of the video. This will allow you to adapt the Internet connection and thus avoid outages. It is not the same to watch a video in 4K than in 720p, for example. The higher the quality, the more Internet speed you will need to work well.

Therefore, if our connection is limited, it may be better to lower the quality and not play videos at 1080p and do it at 720p, for example. Although we do without a better image, we will prevent those annoying cuts from appearing while we watch a series or movie.

Improve Wi-Fi connection

Another very important point is to improve the WiFi connection. It is through wireless networks that most problems appear when watching videos online. They have more failures, for example if we are far from the router or we are using the wrong band and that is why we get worse speed.

What we can do is optimize the network with a repeater, PLC devices or Mesh systems. They will help us maintain good coverage and speed. We can also change the Wi-Fi band that we are using. Basically, the 5 GHz is the best to achieve maximum speed when we are close to the router. On the other hand, the 2.4 GHz is the most suitable for connecting further away or with more obstacles.

Differences between 2.4 and 5 GHz

Avoid consuming bandwidth

One more trick is to try to make the connection concentrated on the device that we are going to use to watch Netflix over Wi-Fi. In this way, the bandwidth it will be fully available and we will have fewer problems. If there are other devices consuming resources, this will limit the capacity.

For example, a mistake is downloading large files or uploading content to the cloud from another computer at the same time. Even a system update can consume a lot of bandwidth if we have a limited rate. If you use VPN or proxy to watch Netflix you should make sure it works well.

Have up-to-date and secure devices

It is also very important to have the devices prepared so that they can correctly receive the signal and avoid cuts on netflix. A vital point is that they are updated. You must always have the latest versions of the operating system on mobile phones and computers, as well as in the applications that we use.

In addition, they must be protected. Any virus can affect performance and cause Netflix to crash. It is important to have a good antivirus and any other security program that helps to be protected.

Ultimately, these simple tricks will help you make Netflix work better when you use it over Wi-Fi. The objective is to avoid those annoying cuts when you watch a series or movie in Streaming.

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