Trust GXT Thian Review: Comfort and Simplicity to Focus on the Game

Adding to the recent arrival of the brand’s gaming peripherals, we have had the opportunity to test the recently presented Trust GXT Thian, a budget-priced mid-range wireless earbudswhich surprise us with some interesting features such as multiplatform compatibility for computers and consoles, or its monochrome minimalist design that, without the need for lights or other additions, will fit perfectly into any player’s setup.

So, below we offer you this small analysis with our impressions of this peripheral that it offers us comfort and simplicity to allow us to focus on the game.

Specifications Trust GXT Thian (GTX 391)

Controller 40 millimeters with neodymium magnet
Speaker closed circumaural
frequency response From 20 to 20,000Hz
Impedance 32Ω
Sensitivity 100dBSPL/mW (at 1kHz)
connectivity 5.8 GHz USB dongle and 3.5 mm jack auxiliary cable
Dimensions 160 x 190 x 75 mm
Weight 197 grams
Price From €69.99

The first thing to note is that this simplicity will have its reward, changing the bizarreness of gaming devices to which we are already accustomed, for a more functional design with a strong focus on player comfort. And it is that these headphones are presented under a quite robust although light structure, reaching a fairly light weight of just 197 gramsincluding cushions on both ear cups and the headband, lined with an inner layer of mesh to ensure maximum comfort even during the longest gaming sessions, and an outer leatherette cover with white details that gives them a more stylized character.

Every time we are seeing a greater separation for the use of this type of plastic materials, opting for higher quality finishes with micro-perforations or a combination with other fabrics such as fabric (as in this case) to ensure greater airflow. And it is that one thing that I have noticed in the GXT Thian is that much of its comfort comes from this freshness in the ears. An attraction that is even more accentuated with summer just around the corner. Even having used them during work and game sessions alike, reaching over 10 hours of daily use, the heat has not come to suppose a problem at any time.

On the other hand, a detail that I always like to highlight on a personal level is the fact of the headphone pressure, quite well adjusted in the case of the GXT Thian. And it is that although it is true that I have not suffered from any movement in the glasses, it is true that the overall size of the earphones is a bit small for my head, avoiding that feeling of immersion linked to being able to forget that we carry one of these peripherals. Although once again, it is a minor point, without becoming enough pressure to cause additional discomfort or other derived problems such as our glasses sticking behind our ears.

Last but not least, yes I liked the fact that you can find integrated controls for power on/off, microphone mute, and volume control on the back of the left earcup.

As for the rest of its construction, we find a flexible unidirectional pattern microphone with a pop filter that will help us guarantee that our conversations or recordings are heard with greater clarity, not only preventing some noises such as breathing from sneaking in, but also offering a small amount of insulation against environmental noise. In addition, the arm of this microphone has a rotating system, being able to remove it to a position parallel to the headband of the ear when we are not using it.

Although without a doubt the main feature of these headphones is their wireless connectivity, which allows us to forget about cables to offer us freedom of movement to focus exclusively on our games.

Furthermore, the fact that we have a USB dongle It will allow us not only a Plug and Play ease of use on any Windows and Mac OS computer, but also adds the possibility of having much greater compatibility, being able to use these headphones in other platforms like all PS4 and PS5 modelsplus tablets and any other device with such an input.

Although this will not be the only method to connect the headphones, also having a double-ended jack cable which will allow us to use this peripheral analogically on even more platforms, including smartphones and even Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers.

Although of course we are still dealing with mid-range headphones, in general the performance of the GXT Thian is quite adequate for almost all taskswith good music playback, good settings for video playback or streaming without saturating the voice or content, as well as of course for the games themselves, on which we will now focus a little more.

Thus, although it is true that the company advertises this connector with “a fast 5.8 GHz connection”in my case I have not been able to avoid finding a small interference in the form of small “clicks” during some moments of its use when plugged into USB 3.0 ports of my desktop. Something that curiously does not happen in the rest of the 2.0 ports or in this same computer or in the additional tests carried out on my laptop and consoles.

That said, it is true that the reproduction did not suffer a single cut during the entire time of use, showing at all times a fairly clear reproduction for all the tones, highlighting a good amplitude for the bass.

On the other hand, a remarkable detail of its use is the fact that, although we have a volume wheel integrated in them, that volume control is focused exclusively on the output of the headphones themselves instead of making a change in the sound configuration of the computer itself, so although this is undoubtedly a very welcome help, it will not offer us total independence.

MC Good Choice Stamp

Currently we can already find the Trust GXT Thian available through the company’s official website, as well as some digital distributors such as Amazon, or GAME’s physical stores, at a fairly cheap starting price that it will hardly reach 69.99 euros.

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Final assessment

Design and build quality8

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